Monday, November 22, 2010

Thrift Share: This and That for Christmas Crafts

I didn't find much from my Thrift Wish List but I'm happy with my finds. Are you getting your Christmas-Thrift on? Now's the time, don't let Christmas sneak up and bite you on the ass!

[The Weekend'sHaul $12.54 total]

Going Clockwise: Stevie Wonder's "Talking Points" Record, (50 cents) Bird Salt Shaker (50 cents), Tropical Fish Paint by Number ($1.00), Small Metal Tin (50 cents) , Modern Mushrooms (50 cents), Kokeshi Doll ($2.50), Sweaters ($1 each, for Christmas Crafting).

[Mod Wooden Kokeshi Doll $2.50]

My favorite find of the weekend is this beautiful wooden Japanese Kokeshi doll. She's my second thrifted wooden Kokeshi doll (I have 2 more my dad bought me as souvenirs from Japan years ago) I sense a dangerous collection brewing...

[Stevie Wonder "Talking Book" Recod $0.50]

Hell Yes- Stevie Wonder!  "Talking Book" is a gem from Stevie's classic period. (It includes his signature tune "Superstition") I recommend listening to "Maybe Your Baby"- oh baby, it's the funkiest thing Stevie has ever composed. (Don't miss Big Brother either, it's amazing.

[Paint By Numbers $1.00]

I've always wanted a Paint by Numbers, this set with kaleidoscopic tropical fish was irresistible for this fish fan. 

Just look at it. Brimming with potential, waiting for its paint strokes. I can't wait to get started on this baby, it's going to be so relaxing.

 [Mod Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers $0.50]

One of these shakers is missing its bottom, but it shouldn't be too tricky to find a replacement. I might clean them and sell them as is, or transform them into psychedelic toadstools with red and white paint and keep them. What do you think I should do with 'em?

 [Cooking Pot $0.00]

Not a thrifted find, but a miracle find. Sensing I needed a pot, the Thrift Gods or some other deity deposited this pot in the parking lot, where it was found by my roommate. Strange, but I'll take it! It's pretty good quality and came right in time for Soup Season.

 [Hen and Chick Ceramic Planter $1.50]

This is a birthday present for my mom (Nov. 24). She collects both chickens and plants and this planter is exactly her style. It's small and lacks drainage holes so I'm going to fill it with a cactus and present it to her on Wednesday.

A Few New Things...

I was tired of the old layout so I quickly created the new design this weekend. I'd love feedback on it! Any suggestions? Expect a few things moving around here and there as I work to perfect it.


I've also created a Facebook Page for I would love for all of you to join. I want us to engage in amazing money-saving, thrifty-fun conversations on the group. I'll also update frequently with news on All Things Thrift. (I'm still trying to figure out this Facebook junk, any pointers would be helpful.)

What did YOU find at the Thrift Store this weekend?

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  1. hey, fun finds. i think i'd probably paint the mushroom shakers.

    the new layout here looks great!

  2. Fab findings! Im always getting some bargains at our local charity shop!! I agree with painting the mushroom shakers - look forward to seeing them when you've finished! :)

  3. And that's two votes already, heck yes, I'm painting those babies :D I can't wait to get my paints on 'em!

  4. Love those Mushroom S&P shakers. Fab find. I'm already a friend of TC when I spotted it on your FB page this morning :-) Looking forward to receiving updates that way. Just to throw my opinion in the mix, I'd sand the S & P and then lightly oil them with a food safe oil :-)

  5. Love those mushroom shakers, Van. And the Kokeshi doll is adorable! I bought a few back from Japan as well. My collection of thrifted dolls right now are russian stacking dolls. I love those things!

  6. Jackie: I love Russian stacking dolls, too! But I'm only allowed to have ONE doll collection :) I won't touch 'em.

    Selena: Thank you for joining the group! Thank you for the suggestions on painting the salt and pepper shakers, I'm definitely going to use them!

  7. Wow, some great finds! Linda has a small collection of Kokeshi dolls (only 6, haha). But we're always looking for more at the the flea mkt. Who makes the green bird? Looks sorta like Monterey Jade or Freeman McFarlin.

  8. A La Modern: The Green bird was home made by a guy who signed the bottom as Matt. (Aw, Matt, why did they donate your art?) I should have posted a bigger picture of it, but it was highly reflective and didn't photograph well.

  9. Great finds, but I'm more interested in eating some of that yummy looking soup! I say use the shakers as is. They're perfect!

  10. Love the Kokeshi doll. She's so sweet. Also the sweaters and mushrooms are great finds. Very nice pattern on the top sweater; it'll make some fabulous things.

    Now I must go have lunch. Your soup is making me hungry.

  11. Alyssa & Amanda: I packed the soup in a vintage thermos for lunch today, 'twas delicious. I think it's time to do a "Cold-Fighting Soup" recipe!

  12. Good shopping! What are you going to make out of the sweaters? I haven't gotten into felting, mainly because all the sweaters I find locally are acrylic. One of these I'll find a wool one and then watch out! LOL!


  13. I really like the colorful sweater and the Kokeshski doll. Great finds!

  14. Nice haul, Van! Love your shrooms!

  15. Even at half off our thrift stores sell sweaters for no less than $1.50. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    So- a parking lot pot? That was a thrifting gift from the sky.

  16. dogsmom: $1.00 sweaters are rare here, too. I knew of one thrift store that occasionally has "all clothes are $1.00" sales on Sundays and went there!

    seeyouthere: I've never felted either, although I want to try. These sweaters are going to be transformed into Christmas gifts for friends.

  17. You found some really cool things. Love the Kokeshi and the mushrooms.

  18. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is awesome btw:) I should go thrift shopping more often.

    That kokeshi is amazing and so is the lamp you linked to wow! I love anything Japanese and once found one of those rice paper lamps in the trash.
    Nice going on the cooking pot! I love it when you find something unexpected and totally free. Some of my favorite items were picked from the street like that;)

  19. Betty & blue eyed night owl: I love that there are so many of us Japanese design nerds out there. It's just so damn clean and efficient.

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