Monday, November 15, 2010

Thrift Share: The Vintage Autumn Haul

I took the name of the Thrift Gods in vain and they smote me; just like God smote MC Hammer with bankruptcy when he sampled Prince's incomparable When Doves Cry...

Before I penned my Master Thrift List local thrift stores were so abundantly overfilled with vintage opulence I had to hold back (Lest I become the next guest on Hoarders). I didn't find anything on my list this weekend, but the Gods of Thrift had mercy and granted me a couple of treasures.

Sushi Geta Tray
[Sushi Geta Tray $4.50]

I negotiated this tray down from $6.00. The thrift store cashier said he couldn't go any lower because he "Used to work at a sushi restaurant," and "they use these to make sushi so they're really expensive." (Lies, all lies!

[Sushi Geta Tray, Earning its Keep!]

I paid too much, but my tray earns its keep. Right now it's holding my tea cup, tea pot full of jasmine tea, and a glass of water admirably; protecting my desk from (even more) water damage.

Mesoamerican Souvenir
[Mesoamerican Souvenir, $6.00]

Again, too much for a thrift store find, but I knew this was something my friend would kill for. With eyes bright and earnest he proclaimed it his most treasured possession, mission accomplished!

Thrifted Pine Cone!
[Pine Cone, $0.00]

Nature Thrifting: I took a walk to admire alluring "trash" on my block, but instead of finding useful castoffs I discovered this beautiful pine cone. The hunt for more continues!

Vintage Postal Scale
[Vintage Postal Scale $1.00]

I barely made a profit on my last Etsy Store transaction because I underestimated the shipping cost. Never again!

Vintage Owl Lantern
 [Vintage Owl Lantern, $1.00]
I may even throw some multi-colored leaves into the mix, all haphazard like a crisp October breeze just blew through and fucked that shit up. 

The geometric shapes forming the impression of an owl is unique with this rustic medium. I can't wait to use it with a tea light! Can anyone guess what era this is from? Or who could have made it?

What did you find at the thrift store this weekend?

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  1. Loving your finds. Sometimes we pay a wee bit too much for something we love!

  2. Yes indeed! I feel like banning myself from shopping after this haul of unnecessary bits. Shame!

  3. Love the sushi tray. I love how thrifting has made us think paying $6 is overpaying :-)

  4. Really like the little owl lantern. LOL on the sushi trays, I think the guy must have been funning around with you =)

  5. One trick that I do for the shipping is that I make a low guess and then I add some of it to the asking price. And I make sure to remember it when I ship and the costs are a little off. I might make the shipping $3 instead of $5 and then an item might be $12 instead of $10. I also find the psychology of buyers feeling better paying more for the item rather than shipping, even if it's realistic.

    I LOVE that lamp.

  6. No guess on the maker of your owl lamp but I know there are many owl collectors around. As for age, I don't think it is older than 1970s, if that.
    One big reason I hesitate to list things for sale is my lack of shipping cost figuring. And yet I find that people would rather pay a bit more for shipping if they think the sales price was a bargain!

  7. I've got no clue about that owl lantern, but I love it. I'd guess the 60s or 70s though given all the metal work during that time period.

  8. Thanks for all the guesses on the owl lamp. I guess it's mid century modern and damn awesome. That's all that counts.

    Selena: Thank you for the reselling tips! I will put those to good use!

  9. Great finds, really love the scales! The paint I used for my cane table was "everyday fast drying enamel, interior/exterior in Heritage Green" I think I will need a few more coats though as my boys have designated it a great spot for scratching their toys and trains over and it's getting scuffed! Or maybe I should put it in our bedroom away from the rascals :-)

  10. Hi Van! I'm a Van too! And a crazy thrifter as well *winks* I love your finds! I think the lantern is maybe 1960's 70's Mexican pierced tin? It's awfully cute! Van-na

  11. Hi, Van. Nice finds! Funny you mention 'Hoarders.' I'm seriously addicted to that show. And I'm beginning to think that it's because I'm secretly worried of thrifting my way to hoarder-status some ten years from now.

    All the same, I wouldn't have passed up that sushi tray either!

  12. Such great finds. I just love that vintage scale and seriously who doesn't love beautiful free nature decorations. We have several pinecones from nature walks around our home.


  13. Thats one of the reasons I haven't finished setting up my Etsy store. The shipping. Wish it was all easy like eBays where you enter the weight and it tell sellers the shipping by their location. Ugghh.

  14. I always think it's worth paying a bit more for things that you really love. I only ever regret the things I've loved but HAVEN'T bought rather than those I have! :-)


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