Thursday, February 3, 2011

Organization Thursday: A Tidy and Practical Closet

[Artful Vintage on Flickr/Vintage Organization]

I want Organization Thursdays to be a day where we inspire each other to get our home clutter under control. As thrifters and re-sellers, it's hard to constantly keep chaos at bay. Even with the one thing in, one thing out rule! Even when we keep stock in boxes!

When @brokeinthecity shared this Apartment Therapy  Single Man's Closet Makeover with me I was inspired. It's tidy and neat, yet not in a gloss-magazine-unattainable way. I look at this closet and think: "I can do this!"

This is a practical, single guy. He didn't need curtains or a chandelier in his closet to make it dreamy. Instead, he added some additional storage to the closet (like the shoe racks).

Our thrifty minds could find simular solutions on the cheap.We could built and paint simple plywood boxes to "divide" a closet, or go thrifting for simular shoe organizers.

I want to apply this "hyper organized" and neat aesthetic to my home. I want to be able to actually find each craft supply I need as I work (instead of stopping to hunt for it for sometimes, hours!) Give it another month, it may happen!

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  1. Love the after look, and the fact that it is for a guy, and I was thinking how different it would look if it was a woman's closet

  2. The matching hangers really help with that cohesive look. I hope I find a big box of matching hangers one day.

  3. I can tidy my closet but it doesn't stay that way. Still this looks great!

  4. I really need this inspiration right now. ;-)

  5. I prefer wooden hangers myself, but I like how wire hangers make this closet look clean and airy.

    Don't go "Mommy Dearest" on us, Tiffany! ;)

  6. I just think you should come visit me and help me do this

  7. The shoes racks alone are awesome. Sadly, the man-half of my closet looks just like the 'before' photo but maybe if he had the proper storage solutions...

  8. I admire guys who has the initiative to organize their closet. Men I know just want drawers where they can toss their things and call it a day!

  9. Is it sad that I am excited by a neat closet?

    Thanks for linking to my account and sharing the closet love :) I was too lazy to do it myself.

  10. Elle: Hell yes, we need more of these guys. I don't live with one, unfortunately. ;)

  11. Angela: Thank you!
    FB: The closet is too sexy not to share. Closet porn!

  12. The closet makeover looks great! I seem to be constantly organizing my closet - it seems to be the dumping ground for overflow! You asked about the book, Organized Simplicity, on my blog. Yes, it was good, but it's probably geared more towards the novice. She had lots of good ideas and the book was inspiring, but a lot of what she wrote about was stuff that I already do at home. However, I am big on organization and always have been, and I've read lots of books on organization already so my opinion could be biased a bit. It was a good read, with lots of good tips, but a lot of the information was old information for me. It did inspire me, though, which is why I read organizational books - to inspire me to keep on top of things.


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