Friday, February 11, 2011

Thrift Blogs You'll Love: Men of Thrift

Thrift Blogs You'll Love is my way to share some of the amazing thrift-related resources on the web. This week's picks are the Mighty Men of Thrift, so manly they eat rocks and sneeze lightning.

Art, Crafts, Eats, and DIY, all from a no-frills masculine perspective.

Excellent photo staging and vintage inspiration. You can feel these designer's passion for damn good design.  "Our mission is to cultivate and promote the idea that style is not emasculating, that men can and do enjoy good taste, and good design is appropriate for all men, everywhere."

This blog is dedicated to reviving the lost art of manliness. The blog is a throw back to the days when men were self-sufficient. They built everything they needed. They didn't need cherry scented conditioner. There's a wealth of excellent, informative content and the charming retro design is one of my favorite web designs...ever.

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