Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift Haul: Flea Market Finds on a Rainy Sunday

My new favorite flea market haunt, The Bargain House of Fleas really delivered the goods on this past rainy, but pleasant weekend.

[Beer Lamp, $2.00]

One of my favorite flea market finds is this deliciously tacky beer lamp. I intend to sell it one day, but for now I'm enjoying it in the living room. The soft light makes the room cozy.

 [Retro Drawing Books, $1.00 each]

The discovery of more retro drawing books made me feel like the thrift gods were mocking me. (I wrote about how I regretted selling some for too low last week.) Before I sell this next set, I'm going to thoroughly document them so there are no regrets!

 [Retro Animation Books, $1.00 each]

Preston Blair is one of my favorite animators, after working for Disney his best contribution to all 'toons was the sexy dancer "Red" from Tex Avery's infamous Red Hot Riding Hood cartoon short. I always laugh at those lusty wolf gags no matter how many times I see them.

[The World in Vogue, $2.00]

This is a huge and beautiful art book from the 60s, featuring fascinating content about the history and evolution of fashion and beauty.

[National Geographic Books, $1.00 Each]

I'm a sucker for ancient history books. I'm going to read every word of these before I attempt to sell these ones. 

[Orange Coffee Pot, $2.00 and Orange Gloves, .50 cents]

I love the look of this orange Japanese Mikasa coffee pot, $2.00 seemed like a fair enough price.

[Turtle Pot, $2.00 Turtle Trivet, $1.00]

The turtle planter isn't exactly my style, but it reminds me of a children's book illustration and suits my antique shops kitsch aesthetic. It now hosts a plant and awaits its new home.

We're always slinging around hot pots of tea and soup at my house, it's silly but it feels like we never have enough trivets. This cute turtle trivet would hold up a tera cotta pot of herbs up nicely as well.

[Antiques Bird House, $3.00]

I was taking tons of pictures  of a table full of these houses when the owner told me the bird houses would look "better in my home than in pictures". When I found out the houses were only $3.00 each I selected one to resell. I'm sure a fellow antique lover will fall in love with it.

What did you guys find this weekend?

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  1. OH great finds! More wonderful drawing books too! :D

  2. Adorable birdhouses! I'm coveting that Voguebook too!

  3. Love the little wooden antique shop! Wasn't it the greatest weekend for thrifting? I was out yesterday with no traffic - I guess everyone was having Super Bowl parties! I found some great stuff - prescription boxes, vintage helmet, flower frogs, old stamps... (Photos on my blog today if you want to see)

  4. I have to read more about drawing books. I am beginning to find them as well.
    I recently scored some great civil war books and also feel I need to look at them before I sell. But I hate to make them look used.
    Not so sure on the little houses. While cute, they could be mass produced tourist items. I think you may have made a guilt purchase there.

  5. dogsmom: Definitely a guilt purchase me-thinks. I remembered having an art market booth that people took pictures of all the time without buying anything...

    I do think someone may buy it from my booth though, it's pretty.

  6. Lots of fun finds! I probably would've grabbed that orange teapot as well, I like that one a lot. Hey don't sweat it about guilt-purchasing - I've done that a number of times. That was a relatively inexpensive one.. =)

  7. That coffee pot caught my eye right away. Love it! I think I'm discovering an affinity for those and teapots.

  8. Hey Van, these are some nice finds. I love all things turtle, so that planter is just way too cute. I've been sick with the flu for a week and not able to get out thrifting. I'm hoping I can leave the house sometime tomorrow. I'm going stir-crazy and I have thrift-withdrawal!

  9. Great pic with the leg lamp on the book cover next to the beer can lamp!

    I didn't get out to thrift this weekend since I'll be on a 12-day thrifting road trip later this week. Trying to control myself for a few more days...

  10. Love the Mikasa coffee pot and the beer can lamp! Great finds all around.

  11. The tea pot and gloves are the best!

  12. Love that tea pot!

    How do you come to the numbers in the estimated value part of your spreadsheet?

  13. I've been meaning to explain that one, Grace. I don't research the value of items for my spreadsheet, those are simply the prices I will give the items when/if I put them in my antique store booth.

    Those prices are based on what I think people will pay for them based on the other prices in the store and what I've sold before.

  14. I envy your vintage/antique finds. It's so difficult to find those things here in the Philippines.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog site and for following!



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