Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrift Blogs You'll Love: Inspiring Thrift and DIY Experts

Thrift Blogs You'll Love is my way to share some of the amazing thrift-related resources on the web. This week's four picks inspire me with their wealth of information, thrift enthusiasm, and DIY spirit.

Ah, dumpster diving. It's becoming a new favorite pastime in my thrifty clique. If you want inspiration to get started Fine Diving lives up to its title. There are tips, incredible dumpster-dived item transformations, and detailed how-to guides. (Even an amazing ebook which I wrote about here.)

Started by fellow passionate lifelong thrifters, Thrift Store Confidential is a resource on all things thrifting. There's so much to love about this site I'm having trouble summing it up, so I'll use their words: 

"Through regular posts and webisodes on subjects ranging from fashion, furniture and philosophy to store spotlights, laundry tips and creating your own signature style, the TSC team will walk you through the nittygritty of second-hand delights."

A pretty blog about thrifting, crafting, DIY and second-hand style. I love the well-edited tone and style, the shop updates, occasional healthy recipes, and of course, the thrifted treasures and bits of art shared. It's should be a daily stop for artistic second-hand inspiration.

Katy of The Nonconsumer Advocate is part of "The Compact", a worldwide movement where people choose not to buy anything new. As Katy learns new ways to live on less and save more, she imparts the wisdom to her blog readers.

It's a motivating resource, and it will help keep you on track if you took a  Buy Nothing New Pledge. Thanks for keeping us all going with the mission, Katy! (And for keeping me from buying new stuff when I'm tempted via our chats on twitter!)

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  1. Thank you so much! You've become MY must-read!

  2. Thanks Van! I am going to visit these blogs for sure. I am all about the thrifting. I like the buy nothing new pledge! hugs, Linda

  3. Perfect timing- I've almost read through my blog roll for the day and need some new material to keep me occupied at work for the next 4 hours! (dont tell my boss)

  4. Nicole: Let's continue to inspire each other with thrift enthusiasm, then! :)

    Alyssa: (And don't tell mine, shhh...)

  5. Thrilled to be in the company of these blogs! Through one of your tweets, I discovered the awesomeness of Parsimonia, will be diving into Confidential and the Advocate (LOL, once upon a time these would have been print dailies) from my little corner of Panera. You've become a thrift utility, Van. What did we do without you?

  6. I'm loving these thrift resources Van! Keep up the good work!

  7. Diane: I LOVE your site too. Let's continue to inspire each other :)

    Thursday: They're all amazing resources, nothing not to love!

  8. Oh nice!! Love to check out new thrifty blogs!

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