Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift Haul: Love for the Ridiculous and Whimsical

The curbsides and thrift stores have provided me with a plethora of whimsical and ridiculous finds in the past couple of months. Just look at that irresistibly creepy bear, it's part pedobear, part horror movie extra. Those eyes! They follow you everywhere, I say!

Remember This post about my need for a chore board? I may have found my solution. This one was a lucky dumpster find that needs some sprucing up, but it should do the trick.

59 cents bought me this adorable strawberry canister. It perfectly suits my antique store booth aesthetic. The graphic design and colors are perfection.

These fish cups are positively ridiculous. The iridescent finish takes them over the edge and makes them pure 80s-style ugly and silly. I rationalized they're worth the 99 cents each if they make me laugh. Also, love that sweet painted fish-face.

These  Mario Quiz Cards are a delicious curbside find. A gamer's fantasy find! Each card features plenty of unique illustrations. The caped Mario on the front looks like the version of him I remember from Super Mario Brothers All Stars on the Super Nintendo, but the characters on the cards are mostly from Super Mario Brothers 2.

I wish I had time to properly scan and document every single illustration. They are all so polished- and there are hundreds of them! Hopefully I'll make time to use these cards with my friends and nieces and nephews very soon.

Other finds this included:
  • Amazing camera case/bag for $1.99 (it's getting a makeover)
  • Super cute bear mirror (it shattered completely)
  • Framed I was going to use from art (also shattered completely)
  • Amazing Retro "Risk" game (trash find) I think I accidentally donated

I want to thank everyone for their amazing feedback on my dumpster diving post. A couple of you have sent me pictures of your dived finds, I'll share them with you all later. I'm incredibly appreciative that you've shared your finds with me, and I'd love to see more of them (maybe even make a link share to encourage us all to keep with it)!

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. Aw, the bear is cute! I need one of those chore boards too!!

  2. We used to love Mario Bros. My grandmother even got addicted to it when our grandfather bought a Nintindo to have at their home...she started playing it and everything else came second for a few weeks. LOL. I did not know they made trivia / quiz cards. How cool


  3. The canister is SO adorable! Perfect shades of green + red!

  4. Those Mario quiz cards are cool! Sorry to hear about the broken things. I managed to also break one of my finds this past week - a chalkware owl wall hanging. Ugh!

  5. Coveting one of those fish mugs and the whole form and function thing going with the tail handle. I recently lost my fave mug (RIP cheery big bird face) to the dishwasher, auditions start at 6 am tomorrow for the next one.

  6. cool finds, i love the chore board what a pitty that the mirror and frame are broken

  7. diana: That's the thing about thrifting- losing your favorite treasures is an opportunity to find new ones for cheap, or even free...

  8. Miss. P: You're probably the only one who visited who thinks the bear is cute and not creepy :)

  9. Fabulous! I especially love the strawberry cannister and the mario cards!

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