Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Journey to IKEA and Downtown Orlando

We embarked on our second Orlando, Florida Pilgrimage last weekend. The first one was solely a 2 hour (there and back) journey to the nearest IKEA. We stopped at an IKEA yet again, but this time fit in some random Orlando exploration.

I stuck to my Buy Nothing New pledge and resisted all temptation, coming home with only a couple of yards of fabric (allowable expense). I also discovered the live plant section of the sprawling IKEA megastore! (They have everything!)

We also stopped by Orlando's Mall at Millenia (right next to IKEA) for some display browsing. I'm so glad I don't have a Sanrio store in my neighborhood to temp me with its colorful bounty of kawaii Japanese mascot goodness.

In the pictures above you see part of 1) massive lake Eola, 2) a Japanese-style Pagoda overlooking the lake, 3) two black swans making a nest (they were so damn cute, mom sat, dad piled more and more onto their nest!), 4) and my final snapshot through the window of a beautiful art gallery.

The final stop was downtown Orlando, which I've never visited before. We walked around magical Lake Eola ("Swan Lake") where dainty black and white swans will eagerly feed from your open palms.

With so much to do and so much beauty, I'm getting a little worried than Orlando's going to become my new playground and thrifty city of choice. (Just kidding, St. Augustine wins in my heart!)

What's your city of choice for thrifting and fun?
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  1. Looks like a very good time. We have an IKEA here in Atlanta and its always fun to browse! I've been very good about not buying new retail except some things for the baby.

  2. I wish there was an IKEA near me! Fun pictures!

  3. Ohhhhh. I always hear about IKEA but, even as much as I love to shop, I've never been in one. I'll bet there's not an IKEA in the entire state of Mississippi OR Louisiana OR Alabama. It's just as well, another place to spend money I don't have. Love Swan Lake, too. What a great outing you had--when I think of Orland, I just think of the theme parks, but obviously there's much more fun to be had. So interesting!

  4. I love Orlando.I heard a while back some Pet store owners from Jacksonville stole the lake Eola swans and tried to sell them.But some guy they were selling them to recognized them and called the cops and they were arrested and the swans were returned.

  5. those plants! i want them-my boyfriend has an ikea near his work. they even go there just for a cheap lunch sometimes...and i sent him to inspect the plant section. he did NOT tell me there were succulents there! hmmm...a trip is likely in our future!

  6. We haven't visited the one near us {I say near. It's actually about 3 hours away} in quite a while. Should my daughter go to one of the colleges she's looking at, I'm sure we'll get there more. It's on the way! Oh, and have you eaten at IKEA? I've heard the food's pretty good.

  7. Alyssa: I ate at IKEA both times I visited. I have pictures of the food in my previous post:

    The food is amazing and affordable. If there was one near me, I'd go for lunch all the time.

  8. oh i'm a big fan of ikea. and i'm spoiled rotten because we have a few within close range of us.

    love the photos van!

  9. Can you tell me what art galleries those two photos were taken at (or even a give me an approximation of where they may be located? I am from Orlando and those paintings are some of the most attractive I've seen in the city!


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