Monday, March 28, 2011

Thrift Haul: Spring Yard Sales

It's officially yard sale season here in North Florida. The summer heat is oppressive; this is our last respite before the weather get out of control. I've been enjoying the cooler weather with some yard sale hunting!

While driving along this bright yard sale sign caught my eye. Bright colors! Retro font! I had to follow the signs to the inevitable treasure trove of goodies!

I followed the signs to eclectic and rural plot of land. There were two long unpaved driveways. One flanked with decaying plastic lions, the other with similar plastic elephants!

The yard sale hosts were very nice and asked me to take as many pictures as I pleased. (Yard Sale hosts and thrift store hosts can get very nervous- or angry- when you start taking pictures. Ask me how I know!) I was told everything under the covered porch was for sale and spent some time searching through the clutter in the pleasantly cool shade.

I loved the neon "Open" sign above the porch, and the invitation to come back when they dig out "more old junk" next week. I'll be there!

I found a nice pile of old cook books, the interesting recipes already marked. I'll have to make time to scan some of the beautiful old illustrations.

This kitschy gun-shaped novelty wine container recalls a  prop from a horror movie...or something from a  Resident Evil puzzle! Now to find the perfect spot in my house to hang it!

I also found these fun retro illustrations, copyright 1978. These are destined for the antique store, I like how they're already framed appropriately.

Another fun find, a crazy bubblegum pink elephant watering can! I'm going to use it to water my growing collection of houseplants. Smaller watering cans are better suited to this task.

And finally, the most terrifying yard sale find...ever! Thrown in for free, probably to free the prior owners of its curse! What would you call this horror movie extra? It might be Rosemary's Baby itself! It's pint sized terror and I'm locking it away until Halloween!

What did you find while hunting this weekend? I have so many more fun retro finds from this weekend to share in future posts.

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  1. Van! That dolls is terrifying! Gives me the heeby geebies!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that elephant watering can! So adorable. Great finds!

  2. The cookbooks are fabulous! The doll scares me! Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  3. aaahh!! I love that elephant watering can and the gun wine container! I saw my first yard sale thing weekend but I coudln't stop as I was already late to my Dad's =(

  4. That thing...might just beat my growing collection of clowns, Van! But I LOVE the pink elephant watering can. I've just begun the search for gardening supplies. Right now I'm wanting that watering can...and an army of lawn gnomes.

  5. I too love the watering can! I would put that demon doll away too! Even without eyes I would think it was watching me!

  6. the elephant watering can is the best. the doll is the most frightening thing i've ever seen. i'd be scared to have that in my house!!but what i mostly can't get over is your conversation about weather - that's the difference between florida and canada - it's not garage sale weather yet here and i live on the west coast where it's comparatively warm! (think seattle) it's only 10 celsius here (50 farenheit) and we're all thrilled that the tulips are coming out. it'll be a few weeks yet before we're yard/garage saling. i've also heard these refered to as 'tag sales' - is that the same thing?

  7. oh i know i can't wait!!!! our town is like the land of yard sales! so so crazy! eek i am so excited!!


  8. i was admiring everything til i reached that uber-creepy doll with missing eyes! way to keep us on our toes, van! ;)


    love the old style illustrations. and you're right, that yard sale sign is eye-catching in every way.

  9. Jackie: I was thinking of clowns when I picked up that doll. My thoughts were, "Scarier than all the clowns I've seen at thrift stores...combined."

    Now I'm hearing Rosemary's voice, "His eyes- my God, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIS EYES!"

    No horror fan could leave this creep behind!

  10. angelika: I've heard of the term 'tag sales', but here in da souf we use the terms "garage sales", "yard sales" and sometimes "junk sales".

    It's been around 85 degrees here midday the past week!

  11. Ana: In retrospect, I should have asked if they would sell my just one of their yard sale signs. They had three like the one pictured. I'd hang it on the wall and admire it for -always-... ;)

  12. I wish we had yard sales, im going so nuts about this that I move my whole bday weekend to go to a flea market that is on an army base here I'm being positive that i will find lovelyt hings there :D

  13. It is snowing where I'm at as I type this so I'm very envious!

    I am so addicted to vintage cookbooks. However, I have always been afraid of old dolls of any kind so I would not want anything to do with that!

  14. I love that elephant! That demon baby needs to be made into a lamp. :) Somewhere out there I've seen another blogger who makes creepy baby dolls into lamps. And she SELLS them!

  15. I saw this yesterday and meant to comment on the elephant! That find would have been the highlight of 2011 for me. I am in love with it. Tell me you have given it a name!

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