Friday, March 25, 2011

My Favorite Dumpster Find and a Story of Risk

Out of all the treasures I've found while Dumpster Diving (read my tips on dumpster diving), this vintage Risk game remains my favorite. The front of the box says it's from 1968. It survived the constant threat of being trashed for years only to be donated to a thrift store and subsequently tossed in the dumpster behind it.

It's funny that Risk is one of the last remaining physical objects in my house associated with an ex-friend of mine. This former pal has been featured on the blog several times. She helped me with my table craft, she made garden stones with me. We went thrifting together, I shared my favorite art events with her, and we even dumpster dived together.

I wish I could write the details of what went wrong one month ago because that's what writers do; writing our pain is therapeutic. But the story is strange and difficult to convey. Let's just say, I had complete trust in her and she completely betrayed it.

I love to help people. When someone I know needs assistance, I want to be there. Need guidance with your websites? I'll give you pointers. Need a place to stay for a while? Come on over. When you're a giving person, you leave yourself vulnerable. Inevitably, someone will take advantage. Sometimes you'll get hurt.

I got rid of some of the objects the ex-friend and I found together; they're associated with bad memories now. Yet I could never throw away this vintage Risk game. Not just because of its graphic retro shapes and whimsical whale illustration, but because it's my new reminder to keep taking Risks:

Risk making new friends even when old ones have hurt you, Risk trusting people again, Risk putting it out there when you've been hurt so others can learn from it, Risk being vulnerable and helping more people every day and Risk hunting through dumpsters to save neglected treasures like this beautiful vintage board game. 

Every day is a risk in this adventure called life. Bloggers take a Risk every time they publish a post. (Will people like this post? Will they respond? Will it help them?) Risk has gotten me where I am today as a writer and an artist. I'll never regret taking risks, even if a risk I took ended poorly. You shouldn't regret the risks you've taken, either. We won't get anywhere as creatives without taking risks, so let's keep making them!  

Let's take some risks this weekend...
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  1. Yesterday, while I was at the art museum, I ran into the brother of an ex-friend of mine. It was weird. He DEFINITELY came up to engage in conversation with me. The conversation was SO AWKWARD.

    It's so hard, in life, letting go of friends. Whether the decision is yours or theirs, it can still be really hard. I've had to let go of people from time to time, when they no longer fit into my life. Usually, I delete all the photos of us together. Sometimes, I get rid of all the things we had that were memories. There is always something little left, every time...a framed piece of artwork, a favorite sketchbook, a movie or cd.

    I think it's just part of life, and I think this Risk game is the most BEAUTIFUL! I want to make a t-shirt out of it. I LOVE old board games!

  2. Fenn: Me too, old board games have the most amazing designs and colors! I need to save some space on the wall for a collection of them!

    I've lost a friend, but now I have even more energy to use to help my other friends, and make new friends. I'm definitely making some adventures this weekend...

  3. Life is a risk! I know how you feel I had the same thing happened to me but I was living with her (when I was in Spain) so you can imagine how weird and difficult it was, I think I would be in Spain if things wouldn't have been crazy :( Anyhow the game looks so pretty!!!

  4. Great post! Not only did we get to see your vintage Risk game but we learned a lesson. Risk is a part of life and without it life would be boring. yes we get hurt but we learn from it and go on! hugs, Linda

  5. Miss Lou: One reason I decided to post this is because I know many people have to work through this problem at one point in their lives. I knew others would relate and take a lesson with them. I'm sorry that you had to leave Spain due to odd friend situations!

    I wish they didn't have to happen. This hasn't happened to me for many years, so I forgot what it was like!

    Lina: Thanks for the e-hugs!

    Marcia: Thank you for the kind words :)

  6. I'm sorry about the loss of your friendship. I've had a similar situation happen with someone who I thought was a great friend. Funny, it was also a strange story, and hard to convey. It hurt, but was really more confusing than anything else. A few years later she apologized and thanked me for my friendship. We haven't communicated since, but I'm glad it was finally resolved. Hopefully that can happen for you.

    Love the game board. Especially the whale and his jaunty hat!

  7. Monogirl: His hat might be my favorite element of the whole design!

    I'm glad your situation was resolved, too. I have no idea if mine will be, I haven't been given closure. I guess when you're so entwined with a good friend and something goes horribly wrong, it always created a confusing and bizarre scenario. Mine sure as hell is, by any standard, it's a crazy story!

  8. Van - This was a really great post. Thanks for sharing such a personal story while managing to tie in an awesome vintage item. I'm sorry you lost a friend, especially in a way that just leaves you feeling weird =(

    That board deserves some wall space!

  9. I want to play risk on that board!!

  10. One of the things that I love about secondhand shopping is that someone's story went into the pieces I find. I think it's wonderful that you were able to share one of those stories and make this an even more meaningful find for you.

    This is a lovely post. Thanks for putting it up. It's a good reminder to us all.

  11. I was hurt badly years ago by someone who I thought was a friend so have not allowed myself to get that close again.Thanks for this post as its so true I need to start taking risks again.

  12. I --love-- the game Risk. Also.. I do like taking risks. Calculated ones that is.

  13. the graphics on the old game are incredible. that whale avec chapeau! i like how you tied in how risk is a part of life (life, now that's another old board game!)

  14. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate how you came full circle in the post.

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