Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seven Things About Me: Seven Things About You

I really love reading little details about my fellow bloggers, so I thought I'd share some of my own. Sure, thrifting is a big passion of mine, but it's not my only passion...

I'm a huge Animation/Anime/Manga/Comic Book Geek.

As a result, everything I draw and make has a cartoonish/animated aesthetic, I can't help it. Whenever I can, I go to comic book conventions like the true nerd I am. (My favorite animator of all time is Tex Avery! My favorite animated movie is the 1986 "Transformers the Movie"- hence the poster in the picture above.)

Actually, I'm just kind of a Geek...

I love video games, comic books, collecting toys, science, and history. My favorite Nintendo game is Megaman 2 and I love the survival horror genre; my favorites being Parasite Eve 1 and Resident Evil 2. Also a huge horror movie geek.

 [Perusing the Southern Crossing Antique Mall after dropping off merchandise in my booth.]

I love to draw and wish I had more time to do it...

I love making art in general. I've only finished a handful of pieces since my school days due to lack of time, unfortunately!

 [Prismacolor Drawing  from High School. My constant drawing saved my sanity during the high school years!]

Nothing is too kitsch for me.

I appreciate all things kitsch, tacky, and crazy. Immensely.

I'm obsessed with aquatic life and the ocean.

My love of the ocean and everything within it knows no bounds. I'm always thrifting for that special fish object or vintage aquatic-themed poster.

I've been making websites for 14 years...

...Which means I started when I was 11 years old. I've always been a computer nerd, and making websites was just a natural fit for me. I've made dozens of websites over the years.

 [A very small sampling of the dozens of websites and designs I've made over the years. From the late 90s/early 00s; embarrassing!]

I'm a Professional Writer. I got my start with humor.

My day job is as a copywriter and web marketer. I love writing immensely, and need to get back to my true love: writing humor.

Humor pieces on Thirft Core include: Top 3 Tips for Thrift Lovemaking, the silly I Learned to Knit: I Can Do ANYTHING: I AM BATMAN proclamation, and Bookshelf Doors to the Batcave, Just Like BATMAN! . (By the way... I like The Batman. A lot.)

Now, I'm Tagging You: In the comments, tell me 7 things about yourself. Do it or you will bring on the wrath of The BATMAN!

* Krrb Guest Post: My first Krrb guest post is up, Meet Vanessa of Thrift Core and hear five reasons to curbside shop. I'd love it if you checked it out...AFTER you tell me 7 things about yourself!
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  1. hi fellow dumpster diver!!!

    1.i am obsessed with cool earthy baby names: river, emerald (my daughter), willow, ruby...the list goes on
    2.i've been to 6 different continents!!! all before i was 20?
    3.i am a self-described advocate for people with down syndrome AND
    4.homebirth AND
    6.i like thrifting but i am too scared of buyers remorse so i usually never buy anything!!
    7.if i didn't love being a stay at home mom so much, i'd probably want to be a nurse!!!

    that was fun!! love the blog, as you know. blessings!

  2. I've done this more times than I can count and cannot think of ANYTHING new about me that I haven't already shared, but you are one interesting girl! I'm also a huge horror movie fan and the Resident Evil movies are some of my favorites (after the Alien movies, of course).

  3. thy and lin: Thank you for the kind words and sharing 7 things! Love that your a fellow-dumpster diver and advocate for so many excellent causes! (Wish I've visited 6 continents, too!)

  4. Vintage Christine: I love the first movie in the Alien series, it bought the haunted house to space in the best way possible!

    I only love the Resident Evil video games though, not the movies.

  5. Great post, Van! Let's see...

    1) I'm new to the blogging scene but have been writing since I was a wee, young one. I've been published several times in magazines, newspapers, webs, blogs, etc.

    2) Sad state of affairs, I can't quit my day job in retail because writing isn't paying the bills. But I won't stop writing, ever.

    3) I have an eclectic taste in music, a lot of classic rock, pop, some folk, a fair amount of alterna-indie bands. I even met Vanilla Ice. Yes, it's true I met him and have a photo with him from when I was in high school. But it wasn't out of a love for his music...more like having a really funny story to tell people.

    4) I am a novice musician...a little guitar, synth, bass and vocals. I'm not particularly talented at any of these skills. But who wouldn't want to be a rock star at least once in their life? I'd like to go back in time and be in a 60's girl garage band.

    5) I have seen and enjoyed a sick amount of horror movies. Slashers. Psychological scares. Camp. B-horror. Foreign. I love them all. And I have a vast and what some would argue useless bank of knowledge about horror movies. Directors, actors, special effects, trivia... Let's just say I probably could win a Quizzo on the topic.

    6) I like to think of myself as a feminist. But don't let that scare you. I actually have a sense of humor about it. I have my Bachelor's in Journalism and Women's Studies and am really interested in gender, body politics and sexuality. It's science, sociology, psychology and more...all tied together. Fascinating.

    7) I would really love to travel, if cost and time would allow. It's funny that I've been to Tokyo Disney Land and have never been to Florida! What I'd really love to do though... I'd love to pack up a pea-green colored VW mini-bus (I want one of those, yup!) and travel to all of the little roadside attractions in the country.

  6. Nice to get to know you!!

    I speak 4 languages(English, Hindi, Malay and Mandarin)

    I married at 20, had 4 kids(before I turned 30) and am still married to the same guy. When I turn 40(in 6 years), I will have a 18, 15,13 and 11 yr old kids. On my darkest days of parenting, I savor the above fact.

  7. Jackie: No need to apologize, I love the proverbial book you've shared! Now I know why you're such an amazing write, too. Innate talent AND ample schooling!

    You'll have to share some amazing horror movie suggestions with me. I'm working my way through the UK's "Video Nasties" list, just watched the 70s classic "I Spit on Your Grave." Gruesome, in so many ways!

  8. Sraikh: Nice to get to know you a little better as well! Your kids are beautiful, and I'm in awe that you speak 4 languages. I admire people like this because though I try, I'm intimated by learning other languages.

  9. GREAT post! I lovvve hearing more about you!!

    1. I'm a lot like you... I love so many different things, and all things inspire me.

    2. I HATE flavored coffee. I just want my regular old bean coffee with cream.

    3. I have a 17 year old son that I had at the age of 16. A lot of times people mistake me for his sister or girlfriend. (hahah he just loves that)

    4. I love most types of music. I don't care what genre it is...if I hear it and like it, then I'll listen to it!

    5. Not a day goes by that I'm not in pain because of my dysfunctional bones. I've had back surgery and still suffer from other disc problems.

    6. Love painting my nails any hue that does not involve red or pink

    7. I have a very hard time watching tv or movies. I would more enjoy doing something creative or productive.

  10. Love this post. so interesting!And your humour writing is very fun, do more.
    Here's me:
    1. I'm a novice blogger but it's becoming addictive:
    2. My husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary this year - with a trip to Scotland. He is my best beloved.
    3. We have an 18 year old son whom we love to pieces. I love being a mom.
    4. I have a huge St. Nicholas collection and am a Christmas freak. I buy an ornament from wheverever i travel - great souvenirs.
    5. I am a musician (guitar, piano, voice) and love all kinds of music from rock, to jazz, to blues, to classical to choral and everything in between.
    6. i love birds - my bird feeder gives me joy every day
    7. I am Mennonite, but i don't live in a colony or ride a horse/buggy or wear old fashioned clothing. I am Mennonite in terms of theology.
    that's it!

  11. *SOB* *CRY*

    I wrote out 7 things and it lost it :(

  12. *sigh* Fine. I'll just write one.

    I am a huge huge huge huge huge anime/manga fan, but specifically samurai/honour kind of manga. The stuff that makes you feel and learn about justice and laws of life.

    Lone Wolf and Cub for instance.

  13. FB: I'm sad the 7 things are gone, too! Luckily, we can read lots about you on your two websites :)

    I need to read more Samurai manga. I've started on some staples like Vagabond and Blade of the Immortal.

    My favorite manga is Maison Ikkoku (the only romantic comedy I'll ever love!) and my favorite manga "artist" is the CLAMP group for their versatility.

  14. Marcia: I was sorry read #5- I admire you for working through that and seeing the beauty in life every day.

    When I first read you had a 17 year old son I was surprised, like everyone you talk to must be. You look younger than your age- a good thing, I think :)

  15. angelika: Beware, blogging will suck you in and never let go! Have fun in Scotland, I'd love to visit someday!

  16. love your websites and that you want to get back to humorous writing. i blog with humor (at least i hope i do), as do you, which is what attracts me most to a blog, and makes me actually want to READ it and not just look at pictures.

  17. I liked the Krrb post. Never dawned on me that your full name was Vanessa!

    Sure, I'll play too!

    1. I easily amuse myself.

    2. As much as I love facebook/TV/internet/etc, I can easily drop it and live without for long extended periods.

    3. I have this recent fascination with cute wooden "dolls" from other cultures. I could wake up any day and decide I am done with that.

    4. I love to plan new travel adventures!

    5. I like collecting pendants.

    6. I made it my mission to take my kids to all the new self-serve frozen yogurt places that have popped up in our area to discover the best ones. That's a big task, as there are like 30 at least in the last 2 yrs.

    7. I get great satisfaction from pulling weeds and doing dishes.

  18. Argh! My List O' Seven was lost as well. I'm going to try it again but I'm positive it was far more clever and charming the first time around!

    Our lists are hella similar, Van. I'm not trying to Single White Female you! However, if I do ever go crazy and decide to become another person, you may be at the top of the list.

    1. I love comic books. I'm more a fan of indie books with dark anti-hero types. I'll second that Lone Wolf and Cub is awesomeness.

    2. I'm a total gamer. From the Atari 2600 to MMORPGs and real time strategies. Unfortunately I can't just came casually. I have to devote my life to conquering a game until I can move on.

    3. Transformers the Movie is on of my top five favorite movies of all time. When Hot Rod opens the matrix and you hear Optimus start in with... "Arise, Rodimus Prime..." omg. Tears and goosebumps *every* time. The Big Lebowski, Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness, Aliens and Shawshank Redemption round out The Top Five.

    4. I love to travel. I've been all over the states, Canada, Mexico and Europe. I'm hoping my next big adventure will happen somewhere in South America.

    5. My favorite cocktail is an old fashioned. I love experimenting with different variations but I'm also a traditionalist.

    6. I play a lot of Texas Hold 'Em at casinos around Arizona. The characters you meet at a card table are so unique and oftentimes crazy!

    7. I am an espresso addict. If my espresso machine ever died, I'd die along with it. I long to own a vintage Faema E61 espresso machine, but since they cost around then thousand DOLLARS, I'll keep on fantasizing for now =)

  19. I miss 90's Internets.

  20. Flo: So glad we have so much nerding in common! I can be the same way with games, unfortunately I have not -really- played in while because of this: no time! I'm always excited to find more Transformers the Movie fans that can quote it! SO many good lines!

    "Your bargaining posture is highly dubious. Very well, proceed, on your way to oblivion!"

  21. Angela: Thanks for playing along! I love wooden dolls too, my current fetish is Kokeshi. I'm also one of the few heavy internet users that does just fine without it for long periods of time. I can write, take pictures, and explore without it ;)

  22. Spare me this mockery of justice!

  23. Alrighty. Here we go!

    1. I have a food blog I like to surprise people with called - lots of cursing so if you are offended easily, it might not be for you.

    2. But really I'm a very nice person.

    3. I'm recently married to an amazing English man.

    4. I used to make a lot of my own clothes and I'm trying to get back into it again.

    5. My mom is my best friend and inspires me all the time.

    6.I love pork.

    7. I love airplane food.

    fun! thanks Van!

  24. Jessica- Hell yes, thank you for sharing! I can't wait to read

    I love profanity, I'm far from the easily offended type. I should tell the story of the time my teacher made me write an essay because I cursed so much in high school.

    Punish the writer with an essay, will you!? :)

  25. Flo: With all the quotes floating in this post, I had to pop in my anniversary edition of the DVD and watch it last night...

  26. "I Spit on Your Grave" is an awesomely gruesome movie. Though it was hard to watch in parts, the vengeance was deserved. Ever catch any Asian Cult Cinema movies? There's a bunch. If you like weird movies with gore, lots of gore...I say check out "Suicide Club."

  27. HI VAN!!
    I've always Van really your first name? Or is it a nick-name?

    1) I'm Shan Van in most of my online life, but my name is Shannon and I have a dutch last name that starts with Vander = Shan Van! :)
    2) I had my son when I was 19, we lived my parents who loved and supported me then and now!
    3) I have an English degree and also love writing
    4) I got married in August 2010 and it's one of the hardest things I've done!
    5) I'm working at a job I feel is wasting my time....I'm so happy for you, that you do what you love!
    6) I've thrifted with my mom since I was a girl because we never had a enough money. A fact that I was totally embarrassed of, but now I love thrift stores!
    7) Jesus is the reason I live!

  28. 7 Things About Me, eh?

    1. I am a hypochondriac.
    2. I once ate an entire pound of bacon, on its own, after being a vegetarian for 4 years. What can I say, I have a weakness for bacon.
    3. I worked as a marketing and promotions gal at an alternative newsweekly for just over 10 years before giving it up to head to the country to do something different.
    4. I am horribly jaded.
    5. I'm a tomboy with a foul mouth. I often wish I was a guy but I'm glad I'm not as I'm only 5'2" and guys who are only that tall tend to have problems in life, no?
    6. I am strangely comforted by the sounds of my French Bulldog snoring and farting.
    7. I have played in a few bands, one for over 10 years, and have released 4 albums to date.
    8. My favorite number is 7.

  29. Hi Shan Van!

    My name is Vanessa, Van is just a nick-name. I LOVE Shan Van as a nick-name, that's so fun!

    I was bought up thrifting too, and I'm grateful for it :)

  30. The Vintage Cabin: I am envious that you have a Frenchie. I want one, but I'm realistic and won't let myself have a pet until I have time for one!

    I'm a tomboy with a foul mouth (and a foul mind!) too, having been raised with twin older brothers. I have a post planned this week that showcases the 12-year-old boy within me...

  31. Jackie: There are so many Asian Cult movies I need to get caught up on, so much delicious horror, so little time.

    The last strange Asian film I watched was the movie based on the Japanese Manga, Ichi The Killer.

  32. fun stuff van! i like the way you wrote your name into the bubble in your prisma colour drawing. you've been busy with web design. i've said it before, you have many talents!

  33. Oooh can I play too?

    1. I'm a 32 yr old Christian single mum with 2 gorgeous boys who are 3 and 6 yrs old.

    2. I loooove thrifting (or op shopping, as we call it in Australia). I grew up going to op shops with my parents.

    3. I love anime, am slowly discovering more but am limited by budget. My favs so far are CardCaptor Sakura, My HIME, Trigun, Neon Gen and anything Studio Gibli (love My Neighbour Totoro).

    4. Love 80s cartoons like the Mysterious Cities of Gold, Thundercats and Astroboy.

    5. I am a huge bookworm, mostly fantasy/sci-fi.

    6. Love gaming but find it hard to make the time to do it. Grew up playing Nintendo and the Apple IIE, mostly PC game now. DragonAge and Vampire the Masquerade are taking up my time at the moment.

    7. Am used to being the odd one out. :-)

    Love your blog Van! :-) xx

  34. Oh, and I love all things Joss Whedon, with a special soft spot for vampires of all sorts. ;-)

  35. Thanks for the kind words Bek- we have a lot in common. I wish there was more time for video games like in the good 'ole childhood years!

    1. i love video games tetris Nintendo nes version. Streets of rage, pacman wow i think i will play my arcade with over 20,000 games whos down??

  36. 1 I love thinking of new idea for things i do.
    2 i love watch classic 80"s and 90 movies The Goonies, and Terminator 2
    3 i love shopping at thrift stores. (I find the best deals)
    4 i love searching for things online i find the best prices
    5 i love watch movies on my cinema projector screen 200" huge
    6 i love selling anything i can make money on
    7 i love when people give me compliments on ideas i have

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  38. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours


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