Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrift Blogs You'll Love: The Design Curators

I admire minimalists and designers with extraordinary editing discipline. Consistent and expertly curated design is what I lack- and what this week's Thrift Blogs You'll Love are chock-full of!

I found this beautifully edited blog via The Elegant Thrifter. I tweeted that I almost fell out of my chair witnessing the sheer beauty of this website, and that wasn't hyperbole! The photos of thrifted finds are perfection, the commentary fun and witty. Dab's passion for thrifting and great design shines in every post and picture.

Daniel's blog is all about the process of DIY-ing, thrifting, and decorating his first apartment in Manhattan. This blog is a pleasure to browse. Everything is beautifully edited: his home, blog posts, and pictures. Don't miss his DIY section!

This is a sleek, modern interior design inspiration and lifestyle blog. Search the archives and you'll grow incredibly envious of all of the beautiful mid century modern deals Jennifer uncovers for the minimum prices! Don't forget to take a peek at her etsy shop.

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  1. Love these! Checkin them out now.

  2. LOVE the bowl in the third photo.

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