Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's in This Thrifter's Bag...

I love reading other blogger's What's in my Bag posts. Sometimes they provide practical ideas, but more importantly, the contents always provide a visual snapshot of the owner's personality.

My current bag of choice is by Sanrio and features the adorable Chococat mascot. It's a little girl's purse masquerading as a grown-up lady's purse. I relate to it;  I have an adult's brain with little girl's interest: like cute Japanese things, dinosaur toys, and cartoons! Within it are three pouches with three duties: 

Pouch one: Deceptacon Megatron contains:

-Don't You Worry About a Thing planner from Cute Tape: I love the kawaii asthetic, how the front looks like a watercolor painting, and how the title is also a Stevie Wonder Song. I use this all the time.

Pouch Two: Autobot Bublebee typically holds my vanilla blackberry sage vegan lotion and Earth 'n Sea Naturals Chapstick. (Local brand I love!)

When I'm running late for work I'll pack my homemade toner (tea tree oil and water), cotton pads, and cargo 2 in 1 concealer.The whole point of the pouches is to keep the contents of my purse extra safe from inevitable spills. (My dollar-bin plastic Transformers pouches make nice "purse protectors".)

Pouch Three: The Parcel Wristlet is like my wallet, but it's also what I'll carry when I don't need the burden of the whole purse. It's usually all I need on the weekends. It contains:

- Robot card case (holds my yard sale/flea market cash and ID/Debit/Check/Credit Cards)
- Japanese koi change purse
- Cheap-ass cell phone
- Lots of dentyne ice gum (not pictured)

What do you keep in your bag, fellow explorers, artists, and thrifters? Tell me in the comments, or link me to your own what's in my bag posts.
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  1. I love the robot card case <3 I was thinking on doing this post, I'll get to it sometime soon, by the way I just noticed your button which looks really cute! I just posted on my Blogs I love page :p

  2. what a fascinating post. i always wonder what the Queen carries in her purse, don't you? i wonder if she reads you blog... i'm going to have to do this on my blog some day too! my favourite thing in your purse is the japanese koi change purse - how cool is that?

  3. Miss Lou: Thanks for using the new link button. I'll be making many more. The robot card case has survived eons and many falls...

    Angelika: Thank you! I'd love to see the contents of your purse, definitely link me to the post when you have it up.

  4. Oh God, my bag is just filled with stuff. It's rather ridiculous. I have that exact Parcel wristlet. Love that brand!

  5. When I travel, I carry a small purse to stash in my backpack (plus I have a laptop roller bag) -- then I won't exceed the 2 - carry on rule. My purse has credit cards, ID, cash, chapstick, lipgloss, comb, lotion, receipts and hotel key.

    On the weekends when I'm not working, and I'm out thrifting, I like to carry a small purse with a long strap, so I can shop hands free! Very important! Contents are pretty much the same as above but I usually include coins for garage sales.

  6. Jackie: I used to carry a huge bag full that was a mess of art supplies, craft supplies, fabric scraps..had to get that under control to save my sanity!

  7. chadleguera: I can't wait to start packing travel bags again! My koi change purse looks comedic when its lumpy and full to bursting with my yard sale change :) People say things like, "Your fish is about to pop..."

  8. Gorgeous bag, you're seriously organised, my bag is just full of receipts, sultanas and half-chewed cereal bars, courtesy of my kids!

  9. Thrifted Treasure: Mine used to get crazy, too. Now I keep receipts in my planner and empty out anything unnecessary every day.

  10. You're so organized! I recently bought a smaller purse with the hopes that it would make me think about what I was tossing in there... so far so good. Though now I am tempted to go clean it out...

  11. Love your Japanese style aesthetic. I have things like this all over my home. I'll have to do one of these things... although my bag normally contains candies, gum, pencils, pens, and a notepad. That's about it.

  12. So cute and organized! My bag looks like someone threw up in it.

  13. I really like how you organized everything in to its own little bag. I should try that with my big bag where everything is just floating around and I can never find what I need when I need it.

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