Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flea Market Haul: The Golden Vagina Hunt Continues

Here's what less than sixteen dollars and an hour of digging in a dusty market will get you...

It all started with a vagina. I was immersed in my work when it dawned on me that it was Wednesday; Vagina Day!

I never stopped coveting a lovely set of golden vintage genitalia. I stalked those privates like a skilled detective. ("Sir, would you happen to be the vendor who was selling the golden genitalia? No? But you know the guy? Please give him my number and tell him I want his genitalia?") A couple of weeks later, I found my guy! We were to meet yesterday at the flea market so I could buy my treasure, but I couldn't find him.

My hunt continues. But at least I got to explore a new-to-me flea market....

It was bittersweet pulling up to this flea market, because in my fond childhood memories this was a drive-in movie theater! It was $5.00 per car. We'd arrive in stuffed mini vans, us kids were stacked on top of each other neatly like sardines in a can. We got our five dollar's worth!

I remember watching Jamanji, Mortal Kombat 2, Scream 2, Ace Ventura 2, and later Black Christmas at this theater. I remember being enchanted by the fireflies in the trees. I remember the picture rarely being completely centered on the screen. I remember my mom freaking out when I stayed at the drive in too late...Good times.

But enough reminiscing, let's admire the finds! Behold this gorgeous plate set. I can't wait to list it on Etsy. Does anyone have the ID for this beauty?

Gorgeous vintage camera bag? All the parts intact? With a cute matching cloth to wipe my camera lens? $1.00, you say? I'll take it!

Everything on this table is 25 cents? Even this charming pair of dogs on a date? Surely you jest, give me those little canines!

And a darling mother-daughter pair of little casas? I'll keep one to start my own collection and give the other to mom to go with her growing collection. I pick these up for her all the time on my thrift hunts.

I reached in my pocket and paid another produced two quarters for this souvenir cup and tiny vintage dog.

A unique set of hand-blown plates for a song! I wonder what its story is, I've never seen anything quite like it.

Wink, indeed, you saucy flea markets, you! I just realized, I need to go back and buy this!

Don't worry, I'll follow-up when I've finally found my quarry. My hunting buddy Birdie said, "Getting this vagina is just about as hard as getting a real one." He might be right. He also suggested I wear a pithy safari hat for the hunt. I guess that's the next item on my thrift list...

What are you hunting for at the thrifts and fleas right now?
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  1. Those hand blown dishware's, omg! I've never seen anything like it either. So very nice!

    I remember going to the drive in too! My mom would make brown paper bags full of stove popped popcorn, so fun!

  2. Yum! We never watched a movie without sneaking in snacks, either. Ah, simpler times...

  3. I just recently started following your blog and I love reading about all of your finds. I loved that golden genitalia set! Would be a great gift for an OBGYN. Or would be funny in a bathroom over the toilet. I'm rooting for you to find it again!

  4. abby: That's BRILLIANT! I love this as a gift for an OBGYN, but mine will grace my bathroom, right over the toilet as you suggested :)

  5. i dont usually hunt for specific things but im on the look out for a dresser for my baby-friend that's coming in December and something that can be a record storage cabinet.

  6. Jessica: Oh, I like the idea of a record storage cabinet! My big old record player/stereo has space at the bottom for holding records. Records stored neatly charms the pants off of me, it does. ;)

  7. those bookends are so adorable! little pueblo house!!

  8. cb: AH-HA, so that's what they are. Thank you for the ID!

  9. i LOVE that little pair of dogs! and for only 25 cents!

  10. Rae: It is ridiculously cute- and the "boy" dog seems to have more eyeliner and mascara than the girl one!

  11. Loving the brown dinnerware, but really loving the hand blown set. As I recently overheard somebody say, I never met a plate I didn't like.

  12. drive ins <3 we still have one! I love that vintage cam bag and that plate set is beautiful

  13. Diana: I like that quote, I can definitely relate!

    Miss Lou: I wish we still had ours, I'd go every weekend. I regret not going more while it was there...

  14. The golden vag looks like something Quagmire would put on his wall! Giggity!
    (a reference to 'the family guy cartoon')
    I miss the drive-in too!

    That is all

  15. omgg, that plate set!! all that for $16?? you cleaned up, girl.

  16. Lori: It really does, it's all class. I'd have to redo my bedroom in white tiger skin to match it :)

    Chantilly: Thank you! That flea market is a new favorite hunting grounds!

  17. I have a couple of plates just like your brown set and mine actually say Homer Laughlin 1970. Maybe you were hoping for something more specific, but if yours aren't marked they are identical to my plates.

    Love, love, love that pair of doggies!

    And, I, too, am rooting for you to find those golden flowers of vagina art!

  18. Gina: Thank you so much for the ID!

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