Thursday, October 27, 2011

Small Business Inspiration Hunting: Get Inspired Everywhere

This weekend I received a free pass to attend EXP Con, an anime and video game convention in St. Augustine, Florida. I attended for business inspiration and wasn't disappointed, even better, I laughed until I cried more times than I could count at a couple of the panels. I left with a lifted spirit and inspired to draw and craft up a storm.

When it comes to running your own business, it's easy to become burned out. It requires more hard work, and more of your soul, than working for a business you don't own. I keep energized and working hard by taking my camera with me everywhere to snap inspiring scenes and taking ample notes at every opportunity.

There are many more luscious details I'm plotting to make my shop extra special, and seeking inspiration around every corner is helping to make that happen. Take this cute tea room for example, I've always wanted one of my own. When I saw it a thought hit me, "That's right, I'm starting a shop of my own! I can put a tea room in it and serve quality tea if I want. Yay!"

I'm going to keep traveling, attending free conventions and shows, and having adventures to keep my creative energy ignited. Buying nice art bits like the ones pictured above and rearranging my apartment and workspaces doesn't hurt, either.

What do you do to keep your creative mojo flowing even through the tough times with your creative projects?
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  1. I have a hard time keeping my creative mojo flowing. I tend to have a to do list of tasks that need finished: editing photos, sewing stuffed animals, making clothes, etc. It seems like I never really have EVERYTHING finished, and then, I have to go to work and whatnot! I have supplies lying around my room for painting, and I have promised myself to make mail art and send it to friends...but it just never seems to happen. I really need to sort it out and do more creative stuff!

    Did you love the packages?

  2. Fenn: I looved them, thank you. A couple of things broke again though, eek! :P I feel your pain with keeping creative mojo flowing, it's a daily chore- good thing it can be a fun one.

  3. This post is just perfect timing for me! I had kind of a 'pause' day yesterday - just decided not to routinely go thru my to-do list. (Fenn, sounds like I have similar issues as you!) I did the really important to-do's, and just took some space to sit, think, and act on what I wanted to do. I ended up working on personal creative projects that I'd been avoiding (because they weren't on the to-do list). Today, I feel so reinvigorated and inspired! It was a great lesson for me that it's important to take time out to get inspired and get back to why I love to be creative.

  4. Perfect timing for this post. I have had a rough week and I need to figure out how to rejuvinate my interest in my reselling business. It can be hard where I live because we don't have conferences and shows within driving distance. Would love to be near something like what you attended.
    I think I am going to completely focus on my etsy shop. I have had such wonderful customers there. My issues have been on ebay. I have had a hard time collecting on a couple of items. One customer has said something broke in the mail. The funny thing is I just had a gut feeling that was going to happen so I packed it with extra care. Then ebay pulled a listing of mine. Apparently one of my items was against their policies and I didn't realize it. Finally have some tax issues and questions I haven't found answers to yet. Almost makes me feeling like giving up, but today, today I am going to find a way to rejuvinate myself. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Karen G

  5. Kate: Sometimes that's all it takes. It's important to stop and take a break when you feel like you can't go on with creative work.

  6. Hi Vanessa! My daughter and husband attended that same convention and they had a blast!! I had a prior commitment so I couldn't make it.

    When I need inspiration I find that "going out" always brings me to where I need to be. I will visit a local craft store, antique mall, thrift shop or even a bookstore. I do tend to stay away from retail as much as possible (besides the grocery store- which I love) but sometimes just being out for an hour or so gets me inspired and brings my mojo back.

  7. Karen: Sometimes a trip to the art supply/craft store or a local art show/gallery is all you need to get reinspired through the hard points of your business, like taxes and shipping.

  8. Carla: Yep, same here! I've got tons of work to do for now, but I can't wait for an inspiring detour to the book or art supply store...

  9. I don't know about everyone else, but I could always see more pictures of that kitten!! :)

  10. Love photobooth pics <3 and getting inspired while having fun, is there something better??

  11. Gypsygirl: She's cute, but bad! I'm having trouble controlling her while I work.

    Miss Lou: Indeed, I need more adventures!


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