Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hardcore October: Setting Goals, Getting Organized Giveaways...

 Photos from the "Mad Tea Birthday Party" I hosted this weekend.

14 days until Halloween, and as I write this, 67 days 15 hours and 45 minutes until Christmas! September positively flew by and I didn't have a chance to make Christmas presents liked I'd planned, so I have to get on it these next few weeks so I can have a dreamy stress-free December!

Goals for the rest of October...

My buddy Fenna sets awesome goals each month blog, and as a fellow ambitious goal setter I'm following suit with my own Hardcore October. Here are my big goals...

  • Organization: My work flow is ruined by lack of organization; this is a priority!
  • Christmas Gifts: Get a head-start on Christmas gift making, plotting, and scheming.
  • Rebranding Thrift Core: Working on rebranding, writing content, and much more!
  • PR Plans Written: I'm offering freelance PR services for a fair price. More info soon.
  • Make Cat Toys: My new animal mischievous and needs an outlet!

Celebrate Halloween!
This is a big one. I haven't been able to slow down to celebrate my favorite time of the year. I want to sit with my family around the Halloween tree and sing Halloween carols while watching horror flicks and making Halloween crafts. 'Tis the season for Resident Evil playing zombie-loving horror genre geeks like us!

Advertise/Giveaways on Thrift Core: It's nearly time for the Christmas shopping blitz; the perfect time to advertise and host giveaways on Thrift Core. Go here for advertising information. Or contact me. I'll respond immediately so we can work something out, I'd love to help you get Christmas shoppers!

And about that kitty...

I loved all of your name suggestions. Especially Mochi, O-Ren-Ishii (Ishii-kitty), Yuki, Pangur, Kahini, Guinevere, hell, every name suggested is perfect. The right name hasn't come to me yet. I'm considering Lydia because it's pretty and I love Tim Burton/Beetlejuice. I chose a winner for last week's giveaway and announced the winner and the prize on Facebook.

What are YOUR goals for the rest of the month? Let's hit it!
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  1. Kitty is growing and looking more gorgeous every day. I have been working hard at getting a friends place cleaned up and this week it is time to hit hardcore here at home.
    Have family coming this weekend and right now they can not even walk in the back door!
    (Well, no one can ever walk in my front door.)
    But things are categorized, which is a good first step! Also shows me what I can sell and need to do that soon.

  2. Dogsmom: Out of desperation this weekend I stuffed all my merch into boxes and hid them...right now I can't get to my washer or drier! I feel your pain, we've got to get hardcore at home!

  3. Lovely cat life. :)
    My goal is to more like a cat. :)

  4. Oooh, I'm so famous! I'm totally kicking soda's ass this month!

  5. Fenn: Hell yes, you can do it! I don't miss it. I'm already tackling my to-dos, making 'em my bitch :)


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