Monday, October 10, 2011

Thrift Haul: Estate Sale Haul of Vintage Goodies

I was rained out of the fleas this weekend, but I did get some thrift hunting in on the way home when I spotted an Estate Sale sign in the morning. I never had much luck with vintage at Estate sales because I always arrived late. This time I beat the crowd and found lots of vintage for a good price.

I deliberated on this vintage Ronco Tidie Drier, but with all the pieces in place, I eventually took it home with me. I hope there's a market for it, because it feels like I was simply enchanted by the retro and ridiculous art on the box alone!

This sale had an abundance of beautifully crafted art like these birds, most of it was large and perfectly executed needlework. The prices were a bit high for me ($35 each) and I was tempted to buy a stunning with golden feathers against a gold sky with a burning red perfect-circle sun, but settled for these lower priced birds and a special needlepoint piece for my mom's birthday.

These two are not really my style, but I thought I'd try them out. Their small, grandma style, and kitchy. I hope they sell soon!

And I've been having a lot of luck finding huge hauls of vintage wooden hangers lately. I use them to hang artwork like you can see here. I have enough that I can hang some clothes with these pretties, too!

And I found an nice stack of pretty vintage McCall's Needlework & Crafts magazines. I love the illustrations, colorful ads and styling, and vintage styling and crafting ideas within.

This cover is my favorite. I love the mix of patterns and it prominently features my two favorite colors, orange and teal. Almost Thrift Core colors!

What vintage did you uncover on your hunt this weekend?

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I had two hauls last week, check out the Flea Market one if you missed it.
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  1. Those hangers are so cute, i love the way of hanging up art work with those old wooden hangers!

  2. Me too, Alyssa. Right now I have enough to give me closet a vintage make-over..almost. I may try that today...

  3. I love estate sales, but I don't always get to them in time either! You found some lovely items! I recently found some of those wooden hangers as well!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. Joyful Thrifter: I'll work getting to them in a timely manner to the schedule...eventually :)

  5. Love estate sales! The estate sale fairies are always sparkling in a corner somewhere!

    Well, Van, I did it. I have been sharing a stall space with a friend 200 miles away, but today I rented my own little corner in a shop I like locally!!! Very laid back atmosphere, no 'frumpy' over priced expensive stuff there, and the folks that own it are very nice. I'm sooooo excited! Wheeeee! Lori C

  6. Lori: That's awesome! You'll love maintaining your little corner of the shop.

  7. Chelsea: Their pretty unique, I like the bright colors on the black background.

  8. great finds I would love to find hangers like those

  9. We seem to have very few estate sales here (or maybe I am just not in the loop). Love the needlework magazines.

  10. These are awesome vintage finds! Putting a vintage touch to your home is becoming highly popular these days. Well, when did vintage ever got out of style? Its appeal is simply timeless.


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  11. Really nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.Looking forward for your next one

  12. Been reading this site for awhile now, always has really good posts and topics please keep it up! loads of blogs are going under lately from lack of new posts etc


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