Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrift Haul: New Thrifting Survival Tactics

You're overwhelmed!
If you're a reseller like me you're drowning in vintage. I'm slowly going through ample stock, satisfying my quest to be pedantically organized. New thrifting rules are required to survive:

Van's Four Thrifting Rules to Preserve Sanity and Make Mo' Money

1) Perfection: Be highly selective, I won't buy anything but the best.
2) The List: Stick to stock & store necessities on my personal thrift list.
3) Set Schedule: Work regular thrifting breaks into my schedule.
4) Act Now: Avoid clutter; clean & store or sell items ASAP.

I hit the fleas market twice this weekend and spent $3 on four beautiful items. (I broke one while taking a picture. At least it was only 50 cents!) With my Antique Store Sales slumping I'm excited to roll up my sleeves and focus on re-branding my shops, putting in my existing stock, and utilizing my resources to create a beguiling booth and ample small ticket merchandise.

This was a busy, thrifty, and inspiring weekend that reignited my passion to work on my upcoming shop and continue drafting plans and dreaming big. I'll share photos of my adventures with you soon!

What did you find at the thrifts this weekend?
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  1. Cute stuff! I love that owl! And you kind of make me want to start collecting vintage soap dishes! Thanks for the tips! My problem is I see potential in everything and get swamped quickly.

  2. Dear Wallet: Yep.I think that's every thrifter's problem ;)

  3. Oh, I hear you! Especially rule #4!! My house is a wreck and I just cannot get it all packed away or priced or WHATEVER needs to be done with it!

  4. Becky: I'm having a clean, painting, and pricing party with friends tomorrow to get tons of merchandise out, sorted, and organized.

  5. I love the owl and the dog! I always look for those and then can't decide whether to buy for the shop or not. Here's what I found: Vintage Dr. Pepper tennis bag, Butterprint Pyrex, and lots of books...including some vintage home ec books that are way cool. :)

  6. Trina, the vintage Dr. Pepper bag sounds amazing!

  7. I've had no chance to thrift these days :( working on other things that need to be done

  8. i'm not even reselling and my house needs organizing! i've been thrifting with some degree of success (have discovered that i gained weight since last winter and so need to invest in some clothing that fits comfortably!) just posted my last blog about thrifting in scotland - might give you some ideas for your future thrift shop!

  9. Swimming in vintage, I know the feeling! I've got so many items that need to be photographed & added to my Etsy shop ... my studio is overflowing.

    Those vintage planters are lovely, they are definitely something I can't resist while thrifting.

  10. I picked up some 70s clothes, a pink velour jumpsuit, a Hawaiian shirt, and a very ruffly child's dress, and a 60s sheep skin collar. No knick-nacs this week. A very quiet week.

  11. *sad laugh* Drowning is right! I've been working my tail off to get things cleaned up, photographed, priced and listed on Etsy, but there is still so much. Ah well. I think I have been on better behavior since my glutinous tour of Minnesota a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I picked up three mugs at my local thrift shop and decided to buy only one of them. Progress? maybe.

    The cleaning & pricing party sounds fun! Wish I could go and hang out too!

  12. Miss Lou: I feel you. I've got so much to sort through, I'm taking a thrift break, too.

    Angelika: Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to check that out ASAP!

    Poppy: I'm plotting with re-seller friends to host a vintage-filled yard sale to get rid of our stock that hasn't sold for months...

  13. Just starting, so have picked up lots of stuff (trying very hard at staying in a certain theme area) now I need to set up and sell. Yikes! That is the scary part for me.

  14. Drowning in vintage is right! I hoping to clear a bunch of stock at a flea market this weekend. My antique booth sales have been lagging as well as of late.


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