Monday, October 31, 2011

Thrift Haul: My Scariest Finds...Ever! + Easy Thrifty Costumes

Thrifting; the perfect hobby for the horror-genre obsessed. Exploring clandestine corners in haunted mansions for prized antique relics..that's the build up for a distinguished horror flick. I've never encountered ghosts or tomes full of mummy's curses, but I've collected truly frightening finds! Let's take a look....

Who could forget this guy? The eyes! My god, what have you done to his eyes!? And to paint him with a devious pet bat, too? What mad man is responsible for this creepy vintage clown on velvet? I'll never know, but a friend found a companion for him....

My friend Nicole scooped up this creepy-cute matching clown on velvet for me. He's not as menacing at bat clown but admit it, you wouldn't hang him in your bedroom to watch you as you dress with that haunting gaze. Need to dilute the horror? Just imagine he's a benevolent David Bowie in a clown outfit. (See, now he's sexy.)

These clowns seem whimsical, but the jaunty colors are merely a cover. They're plotting something, oh yes, I can feel it. I hope this one sells soon, it's definitely a What Was I Thinking purchase.

This trio of owls appear cute and innocuous at first glance. Then, beyond your control, you're sucked into their soulless gaze. Transfixed, you can't look away from their hypontizing stare, until you see...

The scariest find of all! This tiny figurine is two inches of pure evil. Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, this thing is raping your innocence! No eyes. No soul! You'll see this image your nightmares!

Happy Halloween! I had a beautiful pre-Halloween weekend full of horror flicks, treats, and candlelit crafting with friends. Tonight I'm going Trick or Treating with my niece, some friends, and their offspring. And getting my party on! What are you getting into this evening?

By the way, it's Not too Late to Make a Costume. Here are easy & thrifty costumes you can assemble after a trip to the thrift: 10 Easy Thrift Store Halloween Costumes  / detective & femme fatale / retro playboy / superheroes & alter egos / teacher / vintage housewife

Have Fun Tonight! What did you find this weekend?

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  1. I think the Halloween thrift treasures are so funny. Thanks for this great post. Love the hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband line!

  2. haha clowns are spooky! i have been almost tempted to buy a couple but i think they might give me nightmares! hehe


  3. eek! that eyeless baby is absolutely hideous!

  4. cb: I couldn't resist the first one, he's so perfectly evil.

  5. the cape on the corner: Yes indeed! :D

  6. Scary. Those clown collectors really do freak me out.

  7. That first clown is SCARY!! But, still good finds! We have a friend who collects velvet paintings. Those would have been perfect for him!

  8. Love your owls! I picked up an owl bank last weekend in hopes that I'd give it a quick coat of spray paint and something a little more chic (or at least less weird) than the $5 owl i started out with. Turns out the dog is afraid of it! She just barks and barks and barks whenever the owl is out. hopefully the coat of paint fixes that problem too.


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