Thursday, December 1, 2011

Japanese Business Inspiration: Art, Craft, and Design Overload

I knew I’d become overloaded with business inspiration while parousing the streets, shops, and sights of Okinawa, Japan. Japanese art and culture has always been my biggest inspiration, so I couldn't help but shamelessly drag my camera along to document every inspiring moment:

I'm mildly obsessed with Japanese bowls and cups. Envisioning them lined-up neatly on shelves in my store will invigorate me through the hard times of opening a brick and mortar shop.

Jasmine Tea and Okinawan cookies. Tea and snacks will be incorporated into the Thrift Core menu.

The colors and textures in Japanese fabric are my favorite in the world, hands-down. This reminds me to think of harmonious color and texture when it comes to collecting vintage for my shop.

I appreciate hand-drawn signs, and they're everywhere here. This one is in front of a grocery store pharmacy. Note the man's triumpant pose, simple yet effectively communicated.

A green tea latte from a cute seaside cafe. Sitting for a tea or coffee with friends is the best anti-depressent, it's good for the soul. I'm excited to provide this therapy for my future customers.

I can't wait to incorporate Japanese elements into the Thrift Core brick and mortar shop. When I get back from Japan I’ll be ready to research, draw, craft, and sell-up a storm!

What keeps you inspired with your own craft and business ideas?
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  1. Love the fabric and that is what keeps me inspired. That and vintage patterns, and beads. Now if I would only get off the computer and make something with all my fabric, patterns and beads :)

  2. loving all these engaging pictures <3 Im glad you're getting inspired.

  3. Victoria: Same here. I need to get back to sewing when I get back!

  4. So jealous you're in Japan! I want to go again too!
    Pls enjoy every minute of your stay. And keep sharing those pictures!

  5. Enjoyed the post! You've listed many of the reasons I love Japan.

  6. That latte looks amazing. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself over there and that you're documenting the aesthetics of the culture. Bright, cheery and impossibly cute. That's pretty much covers it!

    <3 Jackie

  7. Van -

    I've always wanted to visit Japan...the closest I got is the "Japan" at WDW World Showcase at Epcot, probably doesn't really count.

    I hope I have the opportunity to visit Japan someday, thanks for sharing all of that wonderful Kawaii eye-candy! :)


  8. Ismoyo: I wish I could move here, I love it. I'll be back one day!

    Cookie Cutter: Thank you!

  9. Jackie: I love all of the attention to detail, down to the road signs. I do believe I'll walk around this morning and document more of it :)

    I've got photos of a gorgeous vintage shop I discovered in the mountains of Okinawa coming soon!

  10. Pam: Save up and do it, you won't regret it :) We're thrifty so we can splurge on trips like this. Also, let's all keep following the "free trips to Japan for bloggers" updates:

  11. *.* I'm drooling over your blog, you should dry it.;) Everything in these pictures is SO perfect, I'm definitively in love with Japan. <3 I can tell you are having a good time enjoying that awesome country. :D

  12. Yadira: Glad you love the photos! It's definitely an inspiring trip that will have me paying attention to the details with my business!

  13. Can I hand draw the signs!??? That looks like fun

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