Friday, December 16, 2011

Thrifty Gift Wrap Ideas: Creative Ideas for Holiday Gifting

If you're like me, you still have a few more gifts to buy and presents that need wrapping are piling up. No matter how early you start, it's hard to stay ahead during the holiday season! Here are a few thrifty gift wrapping ideas. I used supplies I had on-hand; you likely have these supplies hiding somewhere in your home, too!

This year my gift wrapping was inspired by all of the beautiful packaging I witnessed while visiting Japan. After wrapping, add a band of paper around the middle. I used brown packing paper, you can use white copy paper, construction paper, or contrasting wrapping paper. For the traditional look, finish by tying it with string, rope, or twine. ( The white and gold paper was purchased at a 100-yen store. )

Don't limit yourself to wrapping paper. Think outside the gift box. Last year I even used pasta and cracker boxes and brown paper bags. This time I used pages from free shopping catalogs I scooped up in Okinawa.

You can use: vintage maps, fabric, magazine pages, retail catalogs, children's book pages, music note pages, construction paper, old calendar pages, school notes, vintages purses/suitcases, or colorful vintage scarves. This year I used vintage playing cards as gift cards!

With the exception of the wrapping paper from the 100 yen store, I had everything to wrap these gifts on-and in the house. I used Japanese magazines, brown packing paper, newspaper, and leftover wrapping paper. What are your thrifty gift wrapping ideas? I'd love to share them in the next holiday-themed post! (Along with a link to your site.)
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  1. i've used newspaper alot this year - comics and themed sections of the paper appropriate to the person - i.e. the movie section for my film buff son. i also scored some new wrapping paper at a thrift shop and have been using that as well. i also use old calendars - the paper on this is stiff so it would works well for CDs or movies. i blogged about this a few days ago, and readers suggested tea-towels and scarves as wrappers. i LOVE that idea so much i'm saving it for next year. here's the direct link to that blog:

  2. This totally refreshes my regular recycled paper thing! Thanks Van!

  3. Panamamama: Glad you like it!

  4. Angelika: Ah-ha, the comics section! That's genius. I checked out your post and love how you wrapped your gifts, adorable!

  5. Megan: I forgot to take a good close-up of a present wrapped in newspaper this way, it really does make it more classy somehow ;)

  6. I take old wool sweaters, felt them by washing them. You can cut and sew (or even glue) without hemming! I make felted bags for gift giving special gifts. I will be doing a blog on this soon.

  7. Jeanne: Clever! I was going to add some fabric to my wrapping but having to hem turned me off, too much work. Make sure to post a link to your DIY here when it's up.

  8. I have a stack of unused produce baskets and I'm using those to wrap my homemade treats this year, along with my standard freezer paper and string + tags made from kraft paper.

  9. This is excellent! I'm bookmarking this as we speak.

    I just recently wrote a post about thrifty ways I've wrapped presents before. My favorite ideas include sheet music, fabric, and using a lime as a card (the gift was patron).

    Here's a link to my post, Thrifty Living: 12 Creative, Thrifty Ways to Wrap Gifts

  10. Kraft-paper is so pretty! I really wish I used it in my packaging this year, but I stuck to other papers, and did a tiny little recycling as well:)

    This looks great!

  11. Carla: That's very clever, a bunch of gifts wrapped that way would look really cute!

    little big: Your post is EXCELLENT- I especially loved the creative card part with the lime, so clever!

  12. Blue Eyed Night Owl: I used brown packing paper, 100-yen wrapping paper from japan, free Japanese magazines, newspaper, and my left-over wrapping paper I bought from thrifts earlier in the year :)


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