Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrift Haul: A Busy Hunting and Yard Sale Weekend

'Twas a busy weekend of errand running, stock organizing, and last-minute gift shopping. I'm working very hard on completing my Twelve Before 2012 list, the tight deadline is keeping me going strong. Here's what I scored this weekend:

Photo 1) Vintage globe and two mushroom candles
Photo 2) Vintage McCoy Pottery pitcher and Antique Japanese Plates
Photo 3) The Cutest Japanese Bunny-on-Rocket Fabric You Ever Saw
Photo 4) Necklaces and charms
Photo 5) Warming up after hosting a long yard sale with udon soup :)

And now I'm off to the hideous shopping mall! I held off until the last second but couldn't find local, hand-crafted, or thrifted gifts for a couple of people on my list. I loved the conversation we had last week about whether it's okay to buy thrifted gifts for the holidays. We agree: any gift that won't be utilized or appreciated is junk whether it's new or thrifted. Thinking of the recipient is paramount. Even if we have to endure the mall to give them something special.

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. oh my my mushroom candles <3 and that party mix tape lol so many memories Loving your finds gurl!

  2. Miss Lou: Thank you! The candles and necklace charms were fun yard sale finds!

  3. Racheal: Thank you! Don't worry, the Holy Bible one is not for me. It would burn on contact with my skin? :)

  4. Megan: Me too! Now I need to determine how to use it! I think I'll use it for a kitchen bulletin board craft. I save all my super-cutesy Japanese stuff for the kitchen.

  5. That McCoy teapot rocks!! Good score, girl! Today was the first Monday in a LONG time I walked out of Salvation Army empty handed (Monday is 1/2 off bric a brac day)The place had been cleaned out! oh well! Got some other good stuff from local on line auctions this past week...

  6. Lori: The teapot was my favorite find, too. I walk out of thrifts empty handed more and more these days, as I'm downsizing and becoming more selective. It's a good thing!

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