Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tag, You're It: What Are Your New Years Goals?

Tag, You're It: I tagged you last year, and now I'm inviting you to share your Top 3 Goals for 2012 yet again. Use the button/code below on your blog to join in.

Copy + Paste the code below into your blog post to display the button.

1) List your top goals for the New Year. Keep it realistic!
2) Write real action steps to achieve your goals!

1. Better Business Sense

I will pedantically track every cent I spend and earn.

2. Buy Nothing New and BUY LESS

I will ONLY buy 2nd hand. (With obvious exceptions, like food.) I'll only buy the best vintage finds.

3. Organization and Home Balance

If I buy one new thing, one old thing goes out! I'll contiue to sell & donate items at home, too.

Goals, lists, to-dos, I constantly write them. I have so much more than these three to accomplish this year, but these are the big ones I will stick to. (By the way, I've accomplished nearly everything on my 12 Before 2012 list, too! I'll update with photos this Thursday.)

Join the fun: What are your New Years Goals? Comment with a link to your New Years resolution posts, let's inspire each other! I always look forward to a New Year and the proverbial fresh slate it offers.

What are YOUR New Years Goals?
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  1. I am writing a post to use to participate in this but I have a quick question: Shouldn't the image say "2012" instead of "2011"?

  2. Harper: AH-HA! I thought it looked funny. Fixing it now!

  3. Van, I wish you through those inlinkz parties! I'd love to see everybody's goals, even the people whose blogs I don't visit regularly.

    I made a 12 of 2012. List of 12 goals to accomplish by the end of 2012. I'm going to be participating in this. Will check in when I do.

  4. Jackie: Me, too! I love those things and it would be appropriate for this post.

    I'll have to throw more of those next year or maybe add a linkz party to this post if there's enough interest. Good luck accomplishing your 12 in next four days. I'm still working hard at mine...

  5. It's up :) http://thriftyharper.blogspot.com/2011/12/top-3-goals-for-2012.html

  6. Harper: Thanks for participating, I loved reading your goals. Brings back memories... ;)

  7. What a great idea! Here's mine:


  8. Andrea: Thanks for participating. Looks like we have the same goals! :)


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