Monday, December 26, 2011

Thrift Haul: Attack From Outerspace! And Other Retro Goodies.

I managed to fit in a little thrifting on Christmas Eve between organizing the house and gatherings with friends and family. I'm holding out on thrift stores until the New Years Sales (and you should too!) so I searched through the flea market to yield the following finds:

I paid $1.00 for two Horror Movie Poster novelty plates. I love how the Attack From Outer Space retro space monster looks like the robot from The Iron Giant, an underrated animated classic.

I'm going to put them in my antique store booth soon, but I wouldn't mind keeping them. Too bad I can't pair them up with fun retro tin robots. I've never found an authentic vintage robot toy in all of my explorations!

I paid 50 cents for this book, part of a set I've been slowly collecting. These books have gorgeous illustrations and photography, I'll have to document them further in a future post.

And another fifty cent find was this huge vintage Mercury suitcase. The inside is pristine, but the outside will need a lot of cleaning up before I put it in the shop.

So what did you get for Christmas? My friends and family know me so well. I received...

Two transformers shirts, one from mom and one from my friend Ruth. I'm a huge fan of the generation one transformers and the '86 animated movie. But not that new crap the kids watch! I also got a planner, pens and...

a couple more goodies from Puerto Rico! My dad bought me back a carnival mask from the city where he's from, Ponce, and my aunt bought me the colorful top pictured. The mask appears to be Yuko-kitty-approved!

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. Lots of fun finds there!
    And what is the Japanese? book on Fire King and American vintage? Many of my recent Fire King sales have been headed to Japan I've noticed!

  2. Jackie: It's a Japanese-language magazine with tons of pictures and info on vintage I picked up while in a Spencers-like store in Okinawa. I was going to do a post on it while over there but the pictures didn't come out to my satisfaction.

    I shall post on it later. I can't read it, but the pictures are gorgeous ;)

  3. We tried to do some thrifting on Christmas Eve but arrived at each store to find them closing for the day. We should have worked backwards!! Love the aqua dishes!!

  4. Well I haven't been thrifting since Thursday, where I found a Bob Dylan record and a whole bunch of cute kitchenware for a friend who is soon to move into a new apartment.

    By biggest "find" under the the tree this year was a ventriloquist's dummy my sister ordered for me. It's a total creepshow. I'm working on a Christmasy post that will feature some pictures of him.

    BTW, those film plates are too cool.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. Jeanne: That's always depressing! At least you can get your thrift on for the New Years sales, many thrifts will be open for the whole Holiday.

  6. you can really see the size of that blue bag next to kitty kitty.
    that mask is definitely a treasure!

  7. Jackie: That dummy sounds amazing! I can't wait to see it. I love thrifting for goodies for my friend's new pads too. I'll be writing a series on thrifty pad next year :)

  8. I believe the 'iron giant' was fashioned after the robot on your dish-it's exactly the same! (I think that's on today..HUB channel maybe?)Love the swamp thang plate!

  9. Rachael: I love the masks, this is my 2nd one. I want to make some soon. Of course, I'll post a DIY on them when I do :)

  10. Lori: I couldn't find anything proving "Attack From Outer Space" is a real movie as pictured on that plate. Otherwise I'd definitely agree that the Iron Giant's design was paying homage to that movie.

    Oh, big robots, how I love thee...

  11. ha! those movie trays are super cute. great score I think! love that suitecase. isn't that usually the case (pun intended)...clean outside or inside...never both!

  12. Leah: Yep, always! I'm working on mine now with a moist rag...

  13. T-SHIRTS <3 lovelovelove
    and plates are so cool ;)

  14. Chab: I forgot to mention that I love how the blue one had Hot Rod!!! Lots of merch floats around with Rodimus Prime but not Hot Rod. He's one of my favorite transformers, but it's hard to choose a favorite...

  15. Useful and neat flea market finds. Found you from Apron Thrift Girl. I am following, hope you follow back.

  16. No thrifting for me lately. Love Puerto Rico. My step mother's family lives in Ponce, but I have lost contact. I still have a house in Farado setting empty, just to far to travel. So if you can recommend any good real estate agents there, thanks ;)

  17. Hi Rob, love your blog. Island Rustic? The title alone combines my favorite things...

    Victoria: I wish I did ;) Sorry! My dad just got back from visiting family there, the majority of our clan lives in Ponce but I rarely get a chance to visit.

  18. those movie plates are the best. and i TOTALLY agree with you about Iron Giant being under-rated. it is such a great movie, with such a positive message. great finds! i'm in ottawa this week and am hoping to hit up a couple of thrift shops while i'm here. if i find anything i'll definitely blog about it!

  19. Angelika: It was a critically acclaimed movie that unfortunately got the shaft when it was released, under-marketed!

    Definitely post a link of your finds if you make it to the thrifts in Ottawa!

  20. Nice find on the plates.

    For me, my friend gave me a record player (nice one too) & a received a Pac-man clock! among a few other things.

    And an Eddie Bauer sweater from my boyfriends father. He knows me so well...

  21. Jackie: Pac-man clock!!! That sounds amazing! And makes me miss my Sailor Moon clock randomly. Where did it go...?

  22. I loved the Life Nature Library as a kid. The series came one by one in the mail, like once a month or something. It was always an exciting day at my house when the new book arrived!

  23. Nogrinnin: That would be fun! I miss the days of getting fun monthly surprises like books in the mail...

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