Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twelve by 2012: Let's Start the New Year with a Clean Slate

I'm a prolific note-taker and list-maker. I keep a notepad with me at all times that I'll whip out to frantically record ideas. Thus, I couldn't resist the Twelve by 2012 challenge (I originally found it on Miss Modish.) Here are twelve tasks I will complete before the New Year. I'm excited to kick this list's ass and start the new year fresh!

1.) Go through home with "trash" and "donate" bags. Clear out. Be brutal! Efficient! (Like Batman!)
2.) Host one more Big Bang yard sale. Put ads on Craigslist early, divide, conquer!
3.) Organize pantry.
4.) Go through books quickly, sell some I'll never read, separate and organize the rest.
5.) De-Junk kitchen: take out everything I don't use to sell or donate, organize remainder.
6.) Dust entire house: objects, walls, ceiling fans, everything!
7.) Sweep entire house: under furniture, everything!
8.) Mop entire house.
9.) ALL stuff to sell in boxes and out of the way.
10.) Quick closet run-through, toss all that's not worn.
11.) Finish blog revamp: new layout, update all subpages, clean-up social networks.
12.) Do something really fun for New Years!

You should play along- what are twelve things you're determined to complete before 2012? Share them in the comments, then get to work! Setting this tight deadline is the perfect way to keep from procrastinating.
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  1. I was just thinking this last night while laying in bed...going through stuff and tossing, donating, etc, but being brutal! it is so funny how we think we have pared down but we still have way too much!

  2. Racheal: Yeeup. I've donated and sold SO MUCH....and I have so much more that needs to go! At least I've made progress since last year.

  3. I would like to place a request for any books or fabric-y clothing things you need to rid yourself of. I'll pay for shipping!

  4. I am inspired to revamp my blog for the new year :)

  5. Be brutal! Efficient! (Like Batman!) - I LOVE THAT! Good luck on your tasks! Kick some Ass!

  6. Fenn: Will do! I'll admit, it's hard for me to get rid of books though...

  7. Megan: Me too! Suddenly the 20-something days left doesn't feel like enough time. I'll be working on my blog revamp on the long planeride home to keep caught-up!

    Amber: Thank you, this list is going down! I'm kicking it! ;)

  8. Great list and I plan to do the same thing in the near future (the Batman part). I feel bogged down by *stuff* of late and yet I keep thrifting more. Think I'll whip up a list (thanks for the challenge!)

  9. Gina: Do it, lady! The tight deadline will help you achieve your goals.

  10. De-junk kitchen is my top goal right now. I can stand the other places being a little cluttered but the kitchen is a non clutter zone for me.

  11. Ah, great idea! Let's see. My list of twelve would look something like this:
    1) Lose 10 more pounds (A toughie given the holiday feasting)
    2) Increase the page views and followers of Let's Go Thrifting!
    3) Sell at least two freelance pieces.
    4) Organize the closet for more seasonally appropriate outfits.
    5) Purge the library of books I'm likely to never read again.
    6) Post and sell more items to the LGT Etsy shop.
    7) Karaoke---It's been too long.
    8) Make the annual dentist appointment for the cleaning and checkup.
    9) Dance--this usually only happens when I'm drunk, really...really drunk.
    10) Ask a guy out on a date.
    11) <-- Not be afraid of what the guy's answer will be.
    12) Work through the chronic pain and fatigue and it!

  12. Jackie: I love your list! I'm going to try some of those, too. The book purging will likely be hard for both of us...

  13. So so inspiring. I love lists like this. I do a weekly or monthly project list. Mostly photography projects I assign to myself. Good luck! I really enjoy your blog.

  14. Dina: Thank you for the kind words!


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