Friday, February 3, 2012

Chalkboard Basket DIY: The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

Chalkboard paint and vintage go together so well! I've used it to make groovy toolboxes and now I've made a chalkboard picnic basket! Many vintage picnic baskets have a flat wooden top- the perfect canvas for a coat of chalkboard paint.

Instructions: I smoothed out the picnic basket top's surface and applied my rust-oleum brush on chalkboard paint in thin, even layers. Every couple of hours I applied another thin coat. The next day the surface was ready for me to draw all over it. Easy!

I feel like these baskets are a sweet wedding or valentines day gift for a couple. Write something personal and fun on the front, then fill it with tasty snacks, wine, cute drinking glasses, and a drop cloth. It's a great way to encourage the ones you love to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

 Fun vintage-style picnic basket sets I've made before. Not chalkboard painted, but still cute.

I like how you can write what you packed right on the basket or use them for creative craft storage and write the supplies you have stowed inside. If you're local and interested in buying this basket, it's waiting for you in front of Southern Crossing Antique Mall.

What's your favorite vintage and/or thrifted gift to give for Valentines Day?
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  1. I need to get my hands on that paint! I love it!!!

    1. You'll paint everything in your path and won't look back. Beware! :)

  2. OK- flat-lidded picnic basket just shot to the very top of my thrift wishlist!!

  3. Woowzers! What a GREAT idea. Chalkboard paint- genius!

  4. VANN!!! This is WONDERFUL! You have combined two of my loves! Chalkboard paint and PICNIC BASKETS! This is a truly drool-worthy post!

  5. Mine's in red gingham. I'm just saying...


    But the idea of a vintage picnic gift basket! Go Van!

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