Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Goals Week Six: Fixing the Work-Life Balance

Last Week's Goals: 1.) Stick to my strict daily schedule! 2.) Continue my apartment hunt.3.) Draw those damn designs at last- no excuses! 4.) Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas.5.) Finish the terrifyingly disorganized bedroom and closets at last!

As a freelancer it's easy to work from 8AM until past midnight. This week I worked more effectively with less time and scheduled more outings. I went bowling for the first time and did a creative photoshoot. Fun times!

Goals February 5 to February 12:

Next week I continue to stick to my strict schedule. Can't wait to get back to it!

1. Stick to my strict daily schedule!
2. Continue my apartment hunt.
3. Refine and perfect my design ideas.
4. Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas.
5. Continue to Perfect Bedroom Organization.

Weeklies: 1 DIY, refine blog, e-mail clear-out, general organization, 50 items listed 

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  1. How'd you do at bowling!? I'm super bad, but it's still fuuun.

    1. After my beginner's luck ran out I did horribly. But I never keep track of score, we had fun!

  2. Hi - I have fallen behind in my posting of weekly goals. Nasty head cold stopped me in my tracks last week. I hope to catch up today during my lunch break! BTW I am a terrible bowler as well, but I love the shoes.

    1. Hope you feel better soon! I'll have to practice bowling more. I love the colorful shoes and balls.

  3. I love bowling, but haven't been in years. I even took it for PE credit in High School. I love that most bowling alleys have never updated their decor since the Mid-Century bowling heyday. They are usually vintage kitsch wonderlands!

    1. Yes, that's what I loved the most. Always colorful and kitchy, it's all a feast for the eyes. The ball, shoes, decor, all of it!

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