Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrift Core Giveaway: A Rainbow of Dinosaur and Bug Pins!

I've been hard at work crafting behind-the-scenes using one of my favorite things to thrift for: colorful toys. I'm creating a plethora of toy-themed accessories for antique store booths, future craft shows, and my upcoming new-and-improved Etsy shop. The first collections I'm happy to show off are my Dinosaur and Bug Pins!

They're like a tropical skittles bag of rainbow toy fun! They appeal to the kid in me who collected bugs and longed to be a Biologist...until my dreams were pulverized by soul-crushing Algebra class. Damn you, Algebra. For this giveaway I'm offering one winner their choice of one bug pin and one dinosaur pin.

Giveaway Rules:   In order to enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite craft! What do you enjoy creating the most? (Can include drawing, writing, anything creative.) Include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

For Extra Entries: You know the drill! Leave a separate comment for each action you perform so they count as extra entries.

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All of the pins pictured are For Sale. Drop me a line and let me know what critter you would like and I'll send it your way for a mere $5.00, free shipping in the USA! All pins pictured and many more fun toy accessories will be available on Etsy in the near future.

Good Luck! I'll announce the winner of the giveaway right here on the blog on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.
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  1. So cute!!!! You know I'm following!

  2. I tweeted this...well I accidentally added it to my buffer. So it will post in a couple hours! LOL!

  3. Oh I forgot to talk about my favorite craft. HA! I don't know if I could ever choose. Of COURSE I like painting and making my pouches, and jewelry etc... but outside of my "job" I love to buy things at the thrift store and transform them into something great!

  4. How can you be so cool and still face yourself in the mirror? Awesome idea!

    My biggest craft would be furniture restoration. This started out as a family hobby. We'd find dirt cheap chairs, rockers and other furniture and spend hours carefully scraping and sanding off all the old layers. I was taught caning (the PG kind) and seat weaving by my mom and furniture repairs and reconstruction by my dad. I still find the occasional piece to work on, but I'd love to have a shop and do it full time.


    1. I look in the mirror and high five myself every morning! HA- I jest.

      I love your answer. Restored furniture is going to be a big part of the Thrift Core shop. I love doing it, and people love putting unique furniture in their homes.

  5. My first question is about your announce the winner date...

    My favorite craft right now is working with old book pages. It took me a long time to accept tearing apart books but now I find pulling out pages while watching a movie or tv or the puppy playing to be soothing.

    1. Just fixed the date, thanks for helping me out with that. Gotta slow down and read every single word in my posts ;)

  6. Of course I follow you and have you on my blogrolls.

  7. Oh- and on Facebook too!

    Why is it I hate bugs in person but think one as a pin is cute?

  8. Annnnd on Twitter.

    I likey the pins. :)

    (In all seriousness, you did a great job! They are awesome!)

  9. This might be my first comment here, I've been neglecting looking through my google reader. Really cute pins! Both I and my 4 yr old son would wear those proudly.

    My favorite craft is anything that reuses junk lying around the house, like recyclables, etc.

    1. Aw, thanks for the first comment. I love the idea of kids wearing things I make :) And making upcycled crafts, too.

  10. These are wonderfully fun! I would wear one just because and also so I could be the fun Mom in the kids eyes. Toys for grown-ups.

  11. Who won't want to wear a cute T-rex or grasshopper? Only a damn fool... My favorite craft, I suppose, is covering things in glitter. Glitter makes everything better.

  12. Meh- I'm a dork, I forgot to add that my favorite craft is refinishing / up-cycling furniture that I find on the side of the road or at thrift stores/ garage sales. It's hard work but well worth it. I also love to make hemp twine bracelets and anklets for the spring/ summer months.


  13. Super cute van! I love your creativity! These are a trend waiting to happen.

    I like making garlands. I make lots of random stuff, but garlands and buntings are what I seem to get the most kick out of.

    Also, I liked Thrift Core on FB, which I can not believe I hadn't done already. Weird.

  14. I enjoy writing. Lately I have been repainting things... picture frames, trivets... giving them new lives.

  15. I follow you on twitter as @wiilykherr

  16. Love these! Right now my "craft" is remodeling an old house from the studs up! We are recycling, reusing, repurposing as much as possible and coming up with creative ways to decorate without buying new (as much as possible!) Love that triceratops!

  17. Forgot to add I liked you on Facebook-thought I already did! and my email is

  18. Shoot, I put my comments on the wrong post. Here they are on the right post. I like you on Facebook.

  19. I like to crochet. I can knit too, but crocheting is more fun for me. I'm a one stick person!

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