Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Goals Week 7: By the Power of Grayskull...Progress, Ho!

Last Week's Goals: 1. Stick to my strict daily schedule! 2. Continue my apartment hunt. 3. Refine and perfect my design ideas. 4. Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas. 5. Continue to Perfect Bedroom Organization.

Can you believe we're already this far into the year? Last week I said I'd perfect my work life balance; didn't happen. Driven and inspired, I worked until 3AM to 6AM every day making products, rebranding my antique store booths, and organizing. It was a very productive week!

I didn't maintain a perfect work/life balance... but at least I got my boba tea and cake fix (pictured above). How I missed and craved it, it's been months since I visited my favorite cafe!

Goals February 12 to February 19:

1. Finish Graphic Designs for my clients.
2. Finish hand-drawn button design project.
3. Complete 1 ebook rough draft (any ebooks you'd like to see?)
4. Finish bagging small ticket merchandise & their displays.
5. Progress on my children's illustration & pillow projects. (You'll see soon enough!)

Weeklies: Apartment hunt, brick & mortar business plan, 1 DIY, refine blog, e-mail clear-out, general organization, 50 items listed

Share Your Goals for the Week:

I've been hard at work with all kinds of fun projects this week, you'll see it in this week's posts. What have you been hard at work on? What are you goals for next week?
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  1. I'm not one to eat cake, but I got a cake fix too this week. So trans fatty this one was.

    Can't wait to see your pillow creations!

    1. I rarely eat cake, too. This thing was more like a subtlety sweet moose. Nom! :)

      Thank you for linking up!

  2. It was a cake filled week then, I had a slice at the Long Term Service Awards at work!
    I also can't believe how fast this year is flying by...

    1. Too fast! But at least we all seem to be progressing nicely...

  3. I had cake too! Cupcakes, that and sprinkly and adorned with hearts for the boy's Valentine's day party at school. Do you work relaxation and self care into your to do list Van? Wasn't sure if Transformers do that. Haha! :D

    If I could have a long to do list right now it would be mostly household much to do. Family life and being a full time working mom and full time college student is putting a damper on anything else. I'm finding when I try to do more, my body says "NOOO" by falling ill or regressing with an ongoing neck problem I have. I can't wait to be done with my SEVENTH year of college. To freedom! (*Imagine my tone as being pissed, not inspired, lol.)
    More than anything, I can't wait to have a remodeled creative space and more time for photography. Then my to-do list shall grow! As far as the next week, most of my goals are boring--homwework and housework, blog posts, band practice. I'd really like to get a few runs in on the treadmill and attempt to drink more water this week.

    1. Nope, I do not make enough time for relaxation in my lists. I try to schedule it in, but I've been so inspired lately that I've been going on working for hours.

      But progress is happening. Mmm...delicious progress. Cake progress? :)

      Good luck with your goals! You're a braver woman than I, I've never finished school. It's frustration incarnate.

    2. It is so frustrating. I am supposed to be typing papers but I am here instead, ogling the set of vintage children's books you posted, lol!

      Congrats on your process! It is intoxicating...I know that feeling! Do get your relaxation in if you can; oil your parts. :D

  4. Going to be honest, I stunk at achieving my goals last week, work was all consuming (I hear you on the work/life balance thing).

    That cake looks yummy.

    Gray Skull- lol, you and my oldest daughter would get along great. Back later with goals. Happy Monday. :)

    1. It's been hard for me to stick to my listed goals too, I've been productive but not toward the goals.

      Luckily, we have this week. Let's get it!


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