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A Questions Tag: 11 Things About Me, 11 Things About You?

I'm occasionally "tagged" to answer questions (other bloggers challenge you to answer random questions) but never fit it into my editorial schedule. I struggle between making casual and professional content but sometimes it's fun to read intrusive personal info about a person, right? And a "real" voice? I have no shame. Let's go:

My roommate Marianne and I. (I'm to the left) To illustrate the answer to Question #7

1. Where are you fromI've lived in Norfolk Virginia, Naples Italy for four years and Charleston South Carolina. Italy had a lasting influence on me creatively, I'm very fond of my experience there. I've been here in Jacksonville for 17 years.

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world (and money was no object), where would you go and what would you do?

Back to Japan! I'd enjoy the shrines in Kyoto, all of Tokyo and more in Osaka, ALL the best beaches...and buy beautiful Japanese things for all my friends along the way. (See Japan travel posts.)

My favorite photo from Japan. More in my Cats of Okinawa Story

3. Most embarrassing memory?

Anything involving me drinking too much ... I hate not being in control of myself, it's why I refuse to touch any illegal drugs. Yep, this is weird as a creative person. I won't even smoke the ubiquitous Mary Jane. That and I'm weird enough as it is! Don't need that shit! Being clear-minded is wonderful.

4. A dream you have that will (probably) never come true. (aka a fantasy)

I want my own real life dinosaurs and robots. My heart, it aches that I cannot see real-life dinosaurs. Or travel through space and time, perhaps? High five a real Transformer?

5. Something you've always wanted to do but have never tried because of lack of funds or fear or ability or whatever.

I wish I could sing and/or act in horror movies and comedy shorts but lack of talent keeps me from both. Maybe I'll show you the bad "indie horror film" my roomie and I filmed one night. (Drunk. See #3) I'm always writing comedy skit ideas behind-the-scenes. I need to get over my perfectionist streak and just shoot 'em! We have so many good ideas.

6. If you could have any job, what would it be? 

I'd love to be payed to travel the world photographing kitschy/unique/artsy sights, and capturing/writing about causes dear to me like education, art, feminism, veganism and animal welfare. It's why I'm torturing myself attempting to reenter college.  NOT because I think I need it to land these gigs but because I want to be certified in the craft I'm passionate about and learn as much as possible in it while meeting like-minded souls.

7. Tell us about your favorite person in the world?

Hmmm...maybe a tie between my roommate and my mom? My mom's the reason why I'm such a crafty/gardener/indie person, I grew up crafting and growing with her, thrifting and dumpster diving. She taught me to embrace my eccentricities fully and be fully independent.  

My roomie/best friend Marianne and I are always on the same wave-length; weird nerdy girls that always make each other crack up laughing. If we ever shared classes the teacher had to separate us for being too disruptive. One time we were forced to stand in the hallway because we couldn't stop laughing during Spanish class. Also, too many inside jokes between us to list.

8. What do you think is missing from your life?

Hardcore. Organization. Schedules! Right-brained person problem. Otherwise even though money isn't totally stable/normal and I'm working at earning a degree and building my business I'm REALLY satisfied figuring it out. Life's about learning. I just hate being scattered in the meantime. I have bad decision paralysis and a perfectionist streak that's nearly crippling sometimes.

9. What was your elementary school like?

I went to three: Naples Elementary and Peter Pan School after school in Naples, Italy. I thrived making tons of high quality crafts at both schools which had a strong emphasis on arts/crafts that fed my insatiable creative urges. At Marington Elementary in South Carolina I adored the art making and being in Science and Astronomy club. 

One of many Science Club Yearbook photos. This one is from 1999.

After moving to Jacksonville Florida I encountered our infamously "bad" school systems here in Duval county. Attending Morse Ave Elementary school (now Sadie T. Tillis) was a bit of culture shock. I remember telling 5th graders they were "too young" for boyfriends when they'd talk about "my man" and getting told to shut up. :D (Read my Ghetto School Story)

10. Top 5 favorite songs. (Because we all need a little music in our lives.)

Don't make me chooose! I'll go with one from each of my favorite performers:  1) Michael Jackson "I Can't Help it" 2) Prince "Darling Nikki" 3) Stevie Wonder "Lately" 4) Daft Punk "Something About Us" and 5) The Heavy, "Be Mine." I enjoy tenors and lovemaking songs so smooth that they impregnate me through the immaculate conception of listening, dayum

11. What is your saddest memory? (If you don't want to do that, tell us about your happiest memory?)

Hm, maybe I'll share both! I haven't had someone close to me die or that would be the saddest by far. I was devastated when my boyfriend I'd known since high school cheated on me with a best friend. That was over three years ago and I'm still a little bit guarded from that- in making new friends/partnerships especially.

My corner of my first "big office" as a "career lady" at 21. I'd only go back to work with The Man in an office if the work was creatively fulfilling or for amazing causes.

As for a happy memory, I couldn't remove the beaming smile from my face if I tried the first time I was upgraded to my own large shared office, full of natural light, as a copywriter. I wrote about it before but it was the most peaceful time of my career, I was getting paid good money to do exactly what I loved. Having my own "big office" as a "career girl" was a dream come true.

Tag, You're It: I'd love to see you answer the same 11 questions in the comments, if you dare! (I was tagged by Fenna)
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  1. 1. I am from Detroit. and I am proud to say that! Those who have ever experienced that city will understand how amazing it is.

    2. I would really like to go to Egypt or Easter Island. Pretty sure that will never happen, but I am okay with that.

    3. Many embarrassing moments. Embarrassing moments build character.

    4. Dream? I would love to own my own retail art gallery/vintage shop. Small, sweet support the local artists....

    5.something I wanted to do but lack of funds prevented it? See #4.

    6. See # 4...Its all about #4......

    7. Favorite person in the world besides my kids....Lots of favorites, but I guess I would have to say my mom. She was the epitome of bad ass, perseverance, kindness, creativity, AND she made really good cookies.

    8. Family. I have my kids and husband, but no one else is alive anymore. No parents, no siblings, no aunts, uncles or cousins....

    9. My elementary school....I went to Detroit Public Schools. So I was pretty much scared every day. We had to go through metal detectors. but kids would sneak weapons in anyhow. We had really old school books and no funding for anything.But I will add that I did have really good devoted teachers and I felt that I did get an excellent education. Go figure....

    10. Favorite songs? wow,so many.....I don't know if I could answer that....

    11.Saddest memory is my mom dying. Happiest memory? Children being born...traveling....just everything is a happy memory. I have cookies baking in the oven...that's going to be a good memory too!

    1. AW loved reading this, so awesome :D I'm dying to open the same exact shop, have tried and failed, haha. But I continue to chat with people. Could happen in the future.

  2. I forgot to mention in #1 that I have been in Florida for 19 years. I love Detroit, but I hate cold weather!

    There was recently an art studio/retail space for rent in an artsy district for only $400 a month. I wanted to jump all over that, but the timing is not right. My kids are in 2 different schools and I have to drive them to and fro and that takes up a good amount of my time, so I would not be able to man a store right now. (my son is in a magnet arts school that is 40 minutes away). But I think it a few years....I am going to go for it! I know nothing about running a business....

    1. That is amazing rent! Nothing like that here in Jacksonville, there's a bit of a good-ole-boy network that keeps all retail rent super high! I say go for the dream, spend now to research :)

    2. ur* take time now to research that is.

  3. Very interesting! It's really none of our "bee's wax" but readers do like reading this stuff!

    1. I know I do. I want to get more personal on the blog even though it's hurting my traffic, gotta do what feels right.

  4. I'm really curious about your years in Naples - the daily life, the people... Maybe it's weird that I'm asking you, I'm Italian but I've never been to Naples (hardly been in the South actually). I'm in the North and here people are said to be more introverted and less relaxed. And by the way, have you been in Milan and/or Pavia? :-)

    1. Nope, not Milan or Pavia. We went to Florence, Venice, Rome that I can remember and probably more that I don't remember. People were VERY open and un-introverted :) I'll have to do a post on what I can remember from my childhood in Southern Italy.


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