Saturday, July 5, 2014

Abandoning Perfection. (A Little.) A Confused Life and Creative Burn-Out Confession.

I'm working hard behind the scenes curating, editing and generally forcing myself to improve as much as humanly possible. I'm minimizing and refining. Exercising, donating, crafting, editing, rinse, repeat. I'm being too strict and it's actually hampered creativity. I'm struggling to find a voice and produce exactly what I want to.

I tried to write any/all post ideas on sticky-notes and put them on my huge calendar to schedule posts, not liking this method much for some reason. 

I desperately want to do too much, it's a big problem. I need to refine my mission and improve quality, but it doesn't mean I have to work 24/7 and beat myself up over not being able to "do it all". If you're in my boat, stop! You just can't innovate while you're micromanaging yourself. In trying to do it all the best I could I accidentally paralyzed innovation. Ouch, my soul. 

Take breaks. Get outside. (I've been out daily joggingswimming, and recently boating.) Stop to address the problems that are keeping you from working right (like organizing, buying helpful tools, putting some more ram on your computer). That's where I'm at as I'm trying to figure it all out, and it's really been helping. (A post with more details on that is 'a comin'.) My creativity is free-flowing again but I'm not going to lie, last week there was some agonizing and thoughts of quitting this whole thing. That comes and goes from time-to-time, it's rewarding to run your own business, but you rarely get paid what you're putting in, especially at the start.

I know I made blogging vows to produce the best quality I can and I desperate to make that happen, but damn. It's hard to do it all when you're so self-critical. Luckily, letting go has helped the flow come back! I'm going to be clearing out all of my old stock (been making lots of deals on the Etsy shop, check it out if you want anything!) and moving forward with some new group projects- there's a new shop to come and lots of making to get to! Not to mention the long-awaited completion of my indie business eBook (with detailed tips on "reselling" success.)

Step away for a while to get back your creative juice back on par. Then abandon the perfectionist streak, set a timer, and just hit it!

/comments off, will be back next week with DIYS, recipes, and more.
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