Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How I Eat Healthy (And Cheap) On The Run: For The Busy Vegan. Veggies To-Go.

Sticking to a healthy diet on-the-go is simple with a little prep and routine. I'm often running around from one place and thing to the next and I've learned how to keep up with my mostly raw vegan diet in world that's not at all catered to it.

These are tricks I've learned for staying on track and eating right (and inexpensively) for vacations, or anytime you're out and about.

A green drink bought at Atlantic Beach From Biomax. Photos in this post from my Instagram feed.

1) Packing Smoothies: When I know I'll be sleeping over at my guy's pad or I'll be out exploring I'll blend 2-3 smoothies and pour them into washed-out kombucha bottles with a funnel.

2) Packing Restaurant Extras: I bring stevia packets with me to use in place of artificial sweeteners or sugar. I haven't packed little bags of nutritional yeast, nuts and seeds to dress-up bland salads yet but will into the future. I love having no shame.

3) Buffets Have Veggies: On the road and in a jam I recently learned that Chinese Buffets are chock full of healthy options. There's normally lots of steamed veggies, salad bars, and fresh fruit on hand.

I packed the ingredients to make my salad and smoothie from the day and assembled them at work. Easier for me than some others since my part time job is at a raw vegan kitchen.

4) Keep Stashes: Keep some healthy options at pads you frequently visit. Have some bulk pantry staples (like oatmeal or popcorn) hidden at mom's, friend's, or boyfriend/girlfriend's pads for for when hunger strikes.

5) Lasting Snack Pre-Prep: Making trail mixes, bars, cookies and other sturdy snacks with a good shelf life ahead of time to grab on the run is helpful. I love to blend nuts and seeds with raisins and dates to form date "bars" and "balls" that are easy to much on while you're out. The sticky dates hold them together.

Staying at a beach side motel (full post here) snacks packed in my vintage train case. (For sale here!)

6) Know Your Itinerary: Look up places with healthy options before you travel. Happy Cow has plenty to pick from. I know all the places in town I could stop at to pick up somethings within my guidelines. Ask friends in the area for good healthy options if you can, there may be some little-known gems.

7) Go Without Eating: Just kidding. Hell no. I want to eat all the things! Sometimes you have to settle for the next best thing when you're busy and hungry, do it guilt free, it's better than suffering in silence and getting a lack-of-food migraine.

8) Convenience Store Bottled Juices and Fruit: Almost every small grocery store or gas station now carries bottled smoothies like the ones by boathouse (I wouldn't rely on these but they're a good option when you're out and busy) and small variety of fruit. I've seen them at CVS, Walgreens, and Kangaroo gas station stores, too.

9) Hit the Grocery Stores: This may seem like common sense but hit up the grocery stores as soon as you land in your new location when you're on vacation. You save money and eat healthier than if you were to eat out for every meal.

10) Coconut Oil/Peanut Butter: I wrote about coconut oil being a body care life saver but it's a good food one to pack, too. It doubles as a great salad dressing and smoothie thickener! It's healthy for you inside and out keeps you full. All-natural peanut butter can be a life saver, too. Make sandwiches, dip celery sticks it in or stir it into your oatmeal.

Eating vegetarian, vegan, living with food allergies, or dieting can feel very limiting. It can feel like the world's against you and the only options are fast food, but there are more healthy options available than ever before. The world is changing! If you pack and plan smart you can keep healthy and save a lot of money along the way!

Any tips to share for eating healthy on-the-go? Let me know in the comments.
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  1. Hi Van! So true - I don't have any real food restrictions, except I am trying to eat healthier and cleaner, and it can seem very daunting on holidays or at a friends house for the weekend when take away and the bad stuff is just so easy. I definitely need to get in a habit of planning ahead better. Hope you are well! Donna x

    1. Hey Donna! I'm about to go on vacation to visit family, it'll be tough but I'll forage fruit from the trees! It's the tropics :) I will bring a giant bag of veggies and homemade smoothies when I stay at friends. They slways wanna try the good stuff. It's awesome :) I'm well, always trying to improve. Hope you're good, too!

  2. I am eating clean right now and am sticking with it! I've been doing fine for once...but next weekend I'm going on a trip that's going to be quite a challenge. We'll be staying at a house of a "host family" that will probably want to spoil everyone with food. It's so hard for me to say no, not because I want it but because I feel like they will think I'm rude for saying no. I must persevere!!!

    1. Congrats Marcia, isn't it awesome! Plan ahead and presevere! It's hard as hell with host family/holuday scenarios. I try to make big batches of healthy stuff for all to shate and eat a tiny bit of whatever "bad" stuff is offered that I can to be polite.

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing.


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