Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Walk Around my Aunt's Colorful Hillside Neighborhood in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

Daily walks (or explorations) are good for creativity and the soul, I may have to start numbering these posts for list-making posterity. This mini exploration was taken this Sunday. My Aunt Yvette lives close to her parents in nearby Juana Diaz. While visiting I decided to take a walk and document the beautiful houses in her area. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the island's experiencing a drought but the ample breeze makes the tropical heat bearable. I feel like it's cooler here than the stiflingly humid wetland I left behind.

The neighborhood snakes around, goes up and down in ways my pancake flat raised sandbar state doesn't. When I pass houses on the sidewalk various furry "alarm system" set to yapping, alerting their masters that a stranger's passing. I decide to photograph my favorite houses and plants and I try to be sneaky about it. Residents aren't used to weirdos meandering around with large SLR camera and pointing them at their houses. Some might be unaware of the beauty of their homes, nestled in hills, brightly colored and surrounded by tropical fruit and flower bearing trees and cooled (although only slightly) by a soft breeze.

I usually get at least one comment of concern and this time was no different. I was taking a picture of a friendly dog when a car pulled up and asked if I needed any help, he said his son sent me when he saw me taking photos of his mailbox. Oops. (BTW, took a rooftop shot of the neighborhood you can see here.)

When I got back from my walk my aunt made food for the family and some vegan dishes for me, how sweet! The breadfruit in the first photo behind the pina colada was mashed and fried.

My family has discussed buying a house in Puerto Rico for ages. Maybe one day we can have a vacation home there, but it's nice to look at these houses and dream in the meantime.

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