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What I'm Packing for my Puerto Rican Vacation: Visiting Family, Simple Living, Vagabond Fantasizing

I own a lot of Stuff. I'm closer to being a minimalist than I've ever been but items still exceed the 100 or even more likely the 200 mark (when you count all my robot toys and randomness). When I travel I always pack my camera bag and one carry-on no matter how long I'll be gone. It's liberating to carry all of your favorites and none of the extra, your load is lifted and you feel truly free to travel and live life to its fullest. I love random adventures away from home carrying the bare minimum, it indulges my fantasy of getting away from all trappings of society. No responsibilities, no worries, just seeing every corner of the world and all it has to offer and truly living like The Fisherman. I have projects and goals to accomplish and will probably never be a full time vagabond but I'd like to try it. First with small trips, then bigger explorations.

My family in Puerto Rico live the simple island life. They don't own much more than they need. Staying with them is refreshing and invigorating. On this trip I hope to document them and their lives more and gather recipes and family history as well as explore other less-seen areas of the island. If I had a bike with me I'd love to bike through all the emerald hills like my dad tells me he used to.

This is one of the lightest packing jobs I've ever done. It's a little more clothes than I need but there's no AC in any of my relative's homes and sometimes I'll get sweaty and desire a change late or midday. Even so all of the outfits (about 8-9) fold-up beautifully when you roll them up like sushi and onigiri in a colorful clothing bento box.

I packed two compositions books because I'm crazy! Actually one is for my "Morning Pages"- The Artist's Way recommends starting each day with spilling out everything on your mind into your journal or word processor and I wanted to try doing it again. I like to keep this one somewhat neat. The other one is a messier one for all blog ideas, blog posts, and random thoughts and essays. I adore the book Fenna sent me, I'm going to do every recommended exploration in the book and document it on the blog when it's done!

For toiletries I just packed my favorite Alaffia Authentic Black Soap
 (shaving soap, shampoo, body wash) and Alaffia lotion. I use a little of the lotion in a my hair as a leave-in conditioner, too. That may not work for finer hair but it's perfect to tame my thick, curly, textured hair. And tweezers/toothbrush, I'll brush with the baking soda that will inevitably be around, it's easier than packing a little jar of my homemade stuff. I'll buy a disposable razor when I get there if family doesn't have one I can use.

I love my make-up and chemical toiletry free life, it makes packing (and living) so much simpler. I have more posts to come on that subject. Moving on...

My other bag contains my usuals, passport (because I'm lazy/cheap and haven't ordered a new driver's license...don't tell the police!), wallet, change container. I've been using the same kid's pencil bags to keep my Smalls organized for years, I bought them at the dollar section of Target when the first Transformers movie came out. I always bring a tiny composition book with me for notes, gotta write any/all ideas down before you lose 'em!

Click through to the blog to view the video if you're reading this via E-mail. 

I forgot to photograph it but I'm also packing my Michael Jackson Love Songs CD. I bought it from a K-Mart in Puerto Rico last time I visited and tortured my mom and dad, forcing them to play it the whole trip. Just kidding, they love Michael. This CD has a lot of good ones. One Day in Your Life is one of the sweetest, smoothest things I've ever heard and We've Got a Good Thing Going is young love transmogrified to song without missing a hitch, listen if you haven't before! MJ's lilting ethereal tenor is my happy place.

Oh, and a bit of food! I'm packing some avocados/cashew cheese/cucumber slices for the road/plane ride and may scoop up some vegan protein powder (I love hemp) while I'm there to keep fueled while I'm running around. Of course I'll be using my vegan-on-the-go eating methods.

I'd normally pack my gameboy to play Resident Evil or Animal Crossing or an extra book to read when I'm stuck at my grandparent's house for too long but I think this time I'll take that time to walk around and take photos and write in my notebook as much as possible instead.

I'll be back with plenty of photos, videos, and stories to share from the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico really is a little paradise of its own.

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