Sunday, July 27, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Posts for Artists, Makers and Writers. Accomplish Goals. Follow the Muse. Stay Inspired.

I'm doing lots of exercises to work my creative proverbial creative muscles, they've atrophied. Just like every other part of your body you have to use it or lose it. I'm journaling, making lists, exploring, documenting and collecting. I'll share the step-by-step progress and results on the blog in the coming weeks and months. Until then I thought it would be good to look back at my top favorite posts from the past on exercising creativity and accomplishing goals.

1) Do You Own Thing with Integrity, a Special Artist's Quote + Silence Your Inner Critic - I go back to this quote and advice in my mind all the time. When you're torturing yourself comparing your work to others and feeling like you'll never be good enough..go back to this lesson.

2) Vision Booking - Using your brain's RAS (Reticular Activating System) to "program" your dreams and goals subconsciously, creatively.

3) 5 Ways to Reboot Creativity - Reboot your creative juices for when you just can't...anymore...the pain, the pain!

4) 5 Kickass Productivity Tips- Squeeze it all in and get it done!

5) Banish Inertia and Seize Your Life Once and For All- Inertia is the enemy of creative work! It's out to get you, it's behind you, watch out! Anywho, 2 tips to banish that bastard.

Honorable Mentions: I want to do a whole series on "Creative Beginnings" and early and current muses and inspirations but for now, I have one that explains how my Childhood in Italy and another one on My Mom The Muse. (And she says I'm her muse likewise, aw.) I want to do more posts on minimalism, less stuff and organization can be a huge help to reboot creativity! This one captures all my thoughts on it in a nutshell.

And now, get thee to work! I'm watching you!

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