Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Epic Thrift Trip

Yesterday my friend, the amazing Birdie of The Haiku Life posted a comic on our Epic Thrift Trip. The trip actually did kill me. By midday, nothing stayed down. Not even water. As I type this, I'm still sick and recovering from that nightmare. Lesson learned- don't take more than the written dosage of medicine and never take medicine on an empty stomach!

Now on to some funny thrift encounters...

Shame, shame! Let's all hope this was donated because of the shame the owners felt at the revelation of it's meaning.

I thought of Mortal Kombat when I encountered this beauty on a top shelf. This boat is beautiful and detailed, but I'm not allowed to bring home more unnecessary items that need repairs... nope..

The sight that makes every thrifter's heart flutter. There was nothing I needed in this pile, not even for .25 cents. But Shana found a charming little daisy cup.

Birdie and his awesome little girl's bike. By the way, a bike is the latest addition to my thrift list. Sucks to live in my new bike-friendly neighborhood without a bicycle!

I liked these beautiful umbrella mugs, never seen a mug set with an umbrella pattern! I'm not allowed to bring home more mugs, there's already more than one person can use in my household. I added the cute buttons jar to the tray for fun, resisted that as well.

My first time visiting this thrift store- it had a mini green house inside! A thrift store after my own heart!

 This was another virgin thrift store for me to ravage. It was truly an immense labyrinth, practically a thrift warehouse.You can make this store your sole stop for the day. By this point I wasn't feel well enough to explore but I did find a nifty label maker for .50 cents.

Here's a short within the giant thrift maze, I'll be back here to explore in full in the future. Fun composition. I love the bright blue walls, signage, and the deer head. I'm a video game nerd so it reminded me of the one in Resident Evil.

Past the interior of the store was the back "warehouse" assessable to customers. Possibly the biggest most endless thrift store I've ever encountered.

This weekend I'm opting for a yard sale adventure, using the Yard Sale Treasure Map tool to find some yard sales in biking distance. Thrift Store prices are getting to high for me, I'm looking forward to some low priced yard sale treasures.


  1. It's not fair that this store is 3000 miles from me. It looks incredible. Just incredible.

  2. It was truly...a lot. Enough for one day of exploration. I'll explore it again when I'm well!

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