Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Yard Sale Treasure Map

Soon after writing my post on finding the best local thrift stores I found the Yard Sale Treasure Map Tool. With it, you can map out a day of yard sale treasure hunting with ease. Try it out here.

The map above shows all the yard sales within a 20 mile radius of my area. Like magic, you can optimize the perfect route, allowing you to yard sale hop with ease.
The Planning tool is another bit of genius. With it you can add more sales not included on the pre-determined itinerary, search for specific items (dammit, no Beluga Whales again?!) and plan other stops along the way.

 I'll find one of these at a yard sale one day...

Once all your stops are determined Optimize your route and you'll have an easy weekend journey of yard sale hopping ahead of you. I recommend using the "instructions" feature so you know all the perks you can take advantage of with this tool. For instance, you can even send your route to your GPS. I'm definitely going to utilize yardsaletreasuremap.com this weekend. Thrift Store prices can be depressingly high sometimes, I'm looking forward to rock-bottom prices and unique treasures.

*The map above shows all the yard sales in my "area", I live in the largest city in the U.S land-wise; other Jacksonville resident are sure to yield something whenever they search with this tool. For others in smaller cities, consider expanding your search to nearby cities for a "yard sale" road trip. (For the die-hard thrifters.)


  1. Wow! Who knew such a tool existed (though I'm not surprised). I'll have to try it out but I live in such a rural area I don't know if it'll work. Good luck with the Belugas...I'll let you know if I ever see one for sale. You just never know what you'll find!

  2. The tool finds yard sales in your radius through craigslist listings, so who knows, maybe it will work for you. Rural area yard sales can yield the best finds and antiques...

  3. That is so cool. It's empty on my side of the world but hopefully it will grow quickly. I'd love to use the App they mention in their blog post.


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