Monday, May 17, 2010

Sea, Sun, & Vintage Thrifted Finds

Yesterday I embarked on a solitary journey to my favorite magic thrift city St. Augustine, Florida. It's the oldest city in the United States, so amazing antiques and retro finds are a given. Yesterday I found...

Perfect retro bar essentials. This is the first time I've found so many fun vintage items in one trip. There's a large orange vintage ice bucket ($5) which I'll use frequently at parties (my fridge doesn't make ice). The vintage bridge cards have beautiful patterns ($1 for all sets). I'm not sure what the vintage spray bottle is called or what it's used for, it was sold to me for $1. It's heavy and ceramic the bottom says it's "Made in England"*.

The small Spanish style spice cabinet was my most expensive and unnecessarily purchase ($8) but I'll use it frequently. I also found two books on writing (The cover of one reads "Six muntz ago I couldn't even spel skolar . . . Now I is one!") and a ridiculous romance novel called "Nerds like it Hot" that should provide some unintentional comedy. (Books $2.50 total)

 I see this record everywhere, I finally decided to buy a copy. The thrift store owner let me have this one for free; it's still wrapped!

I'm always on the prowl for picture frames, this large one has a lot of character and was a little pricey at $5. I found a large poster-size wooden frame with interesting retro-style details for $1.

This never before used glossy Saks Fifth Avenue bag isn't my style but something about it appealed to me. It's perfect for interviews or some upcoming marketing conferences. It's sleek and professional and will accommodate folders and binders perfectly. ($1) I wonder if this has resale value?

Finally, I couldn't resist this perfect little cup. It's very well crafted, the inside glistens with a rainbow-shine from the varnish. It was $2.00 and it will be a gift for the friend who helped me paint my dining room walls "Laguna Green" this weekend- isn't the color beautiful? The bottom is neatly signed "Wendy '87".

I found this thrift store when I explored roads not typically taken on the way to beautiful Vilano Beach. A random thrift store on the roadside is what every thrifter longs to encounter on a road trip, and this one is a perfect and unassuming gem beneath tall palm trees.

Am I in North Florida or the Caribbean? This Uhaul Rental/Thrift Store combination was a happy find for the day. I ventured within...

And was hit by waves of suffocating Florida heat. The thrift store/uhaul rental combination felt small and cluttered like somebody's garage.

The second room was more homey and attractive. Things were looking up. I searched the area and then perused the final room...

Jackpot! The final room was filled to the brim with charming vintage clutter. The light through the diffused window made the space feel like thrifter's heaven. This thrift store may demand a blog post of it's own, I'll certainly be back next week!

Immediately after my hour of exploring the hot and dusty thrift store I had a very cleansing dip in the ocean. I'll definitely be planning more Florida beach and thrift adventures in the near future.

*After a bit of examination and research I deduce that the item is a Boc brand soda syphon, I was too tired to see "Boc" written on the bottom last night.


  1. You are so funny. That spray thingy answer is the title of the record. It's for whipped cream. I think they are french too so it probably has a fancy name. At least I think that is what it is. That thrift store looks fabulous. I can't be bothered with super neat stores. I love clutter and mess. That's were you find the best things.

  2. What a great place! I love junk stores. Love your finds!

  3. I was thinking the 'spray thingy' was whipped cream or soda water. Selena is probably right though :)

  4. There's the word! I bought it hoping it was a Soda Syphon, but what it truly could be is still ambiguous. No vaudeville routine or bar is complete without a Soda Syphon!

  5. Hope you enjoy the Herb Alpert. It was always one of my faves from my parents' record collection. Just looking at your picture of the cover and I can hear it start to play in my head. Good stuff!

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