Monday, May 31, 2010

A Thrifted Piece of Paradise

I tested the lovely Yard Sale Treasure Map tool this weekend but while biking around I stopped all the sales but the ones listed, oops. Then it started to rain. I still got some much needed wares at a good price.

I feel guilty about the impulse purchase of these two bits of "art". They look exactly like the cheesy bit of tropical art they sell at dollar stores in Puerto Rico. The scenes reminded me of the classic charm of downtown Ponce. I'm trying to cut down on unnecessary purchases but these two remind me of home.

 Both of my basil plants needed these pots, the large one was $3 and the small one was $2.

After the rainfall we hit up a goodwill and got hours of entertainment for a few bucks. These VHS tapes were .49 cents each and thoroughly entertaining. So far I like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tape best- thoroughly ridiculous storytelling. Also, I've never blogged about the thrifted Godzilla pictured. He's huge and he was worth every cent, all .50 I paid for him a while back.

I found Plenty of educational science books and couple of gardening books- even a detailed book on making tofu (not pictured). I'm going to love reading "The Indispensable Cat" which celebrates the relationship between cats and humans from the dawn of civilization to modern times, particularly the cat's influence on human art.

I  also found some nice quality work clothes; a white button up, khakis, and a yellow dress- all too boring to warrant pictures. Everything was one dollar and the shoes will replace my black pumps that were literally falling apart at the seams. It would have cost me more in glue and effort to fix them.

And now I'm off to bike to a nearby pair of antique stores to check out the advertised Memorial Day sidewalk sales, then perhaps a couple of thrift stores. I love three day weekends!


  1. Oh how lovely to bike to some antique stores. I'm so needing a bike at the moment. I'm really hoping to come across a super cheap, vintage bike at a sale soon. There are few art pieces that I can't resist. I completely understand your need to buy those two pieces. They look lovely against the paint color of that wall.

  2. I have a crush on that wooden cabinet--did you thrift that?

  3. Kate- I found the thrifted spice cabinet for $8. I wrote about here I did find another one for $2 sans bottom drawers a week later- they must be popular.

    Selena- after a few months of searching I gave in and bought a quality bike retail. I don't regret it, I think of it as an investment toward better health.

  4. What lovely stuff! I buy artwork all the time - sometimes I'm just drawn to something even if it doesn't appear to be a great work of art. Good score on the books. If you eat a lot of tofu it's worth it to make your own. Soymilk too. Much cheaper than buying it all the time. Good luck.

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