Monday, May 24, 2010

Retro Crafts, Books, Records, & Art!

My thrifty/crafty pals Shana, Birdie, and I embarked on a thrift adventure this Saturday. Between us we yielded some amazing finds and had much fun along the way!

I left out one of my favorite book finds of the weekend, an illustrated book of Edgar Allen Poe's poems. Pictured are a couple of writing/research books, a cook book, a book on ancient art history (I'm an art geek; I love reading art history books) and a "Design on a Dime" book. A "Dime" for them is $1,000 per room- we thrifters can do it better for less!

I found a few fun records. Some Salsa. an Irish Humor Record, and "Music to Paint By" - which I will Paint By,naturally.

I paid too much for this unnecessary bit of kitty tile art but it was too sweet to resist. I love night time scenes. I love cats.

For $1.00 this Pirates of the Caribbean light-switch plate was impossible to resist. Love the colors and dynamic action! But then I vintage bathroom doesn't have a light switch, I use a chain to turn on the light. Aw well, this will be a fun addition to my freshly "Laguna Green" painted dining/craft room.

These very comfortable and high quality cardigans are brand new with tags attached. The Green one was $3 and the blue one was $4, perfect for work when the AC makes it too chilly.You can buy the same exact EP Pro "Grass Green" cardigan online for $77.00! I think I got a deal.

I was very ill for the last half of our journey but I still had some fruitful thrifting. I came home with fun finds and I'll need a second post to document everything. Expect a few more fun thrift haul and "thrift journey" posts this week.


  1. Design on a dime means $1000? Yikes. Yes we could definitely show them a thing or two. Sorry you were ill on your 2nd half of your journey. Getting sick while thrifting should just be plain illegal. Looking forward to seeing your other finds.

  2. Everything looks wonderful, especially the cardigans!

  3. Being sick while thrifting? I'm surprised you even noticed! Good haul on the books. Bookshelves are the first thing I make a beeline for at any sale. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Everything you've gotten at the store looks great!

  5. Great finds. Those cardigans were a steal!


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