Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Find The Best Local Thrift Stores

 You want to shop thrift stores for huge savings- if only you could find them! Luckily, the internet has an abundance of tools you can use to find local thrift stores in your city or in areas you're visiting on vacation.

1. Simply Ask  friends and other thrifters in your area for thrift stores they recommend. Sometimes thrifters and resellers are reluctant to reveal their treasure troves, but you can uncover some hidden gems if you simply ask.

2. Take Roads Less Traveled. I discover the best thrift stores down lonely roads where few others travel- these "unlisted" off-road locations may not be picked over- you could find some vintage treasures this way.

Taking roads less traveled is what let me to this tiny seaside thrift store, filled with retro treasure near my favorite hidden beach gem in Florida. Be adventurous, it pays off! 

3Try is an excellent resource for finding many thrift stores in your local area. You can even rate the thrift stores and improve the listings by adding additional information for your fellow thrifter if you desire.

4. Try It doesn't hurt to try You'll likely see many of the thrift store locations you saw on, but there may be additional thrift stores that left out.

5. The Thrift Shopper: The Thrift Shopper website has a handy National Thrift Store Directory on the website index, simply type in your location to find what should be quality local thrift stores. Since The Thrift Shopper relies on their visitors and readers to submit Thrift Stores, you may find unique results that were not in online phone books.

6.Google Maps for the Thrift Quest: Go to and type in "Thrift Stores, City Name, State" and a map will load on the right, a salmon colored dot highlighting each thrift store in your city. Cackle like megalomaniac and chart your course for taking over the world...

On the left will have a list of all of the locations. These lists usually have plenty of good reviews and a picture of the thrift store. You can click "get directions" and map out your journey to each thrift location if you're ambitious one weekend! This is a fun and prosperous way to thrift.

7.  Find Local Goodwill Stores: Goodwill has a nifty Store Locator you can use

8. Find Local Salvation Army Stores: And the Salvation Army has a  Store Locator on their website index, simply enter your zip code in the box on the top right of the webpage.

9. Check Your Junk Mail: I've had thrift stores mail me coupons in the mail occasionally, so flip through the junk mail before you toss it.

10. Eyes on the Road: Keep an eye on the road side for thrift store signs, sometimes a thrift store is neatly hiding in a clandestine alleyway or corner and the only way to find the hidden place is keeping a sharp eye for advertisements (sometimes with arrows pointing you in the right direction) stapled to poles and other landmarks.

Do you thrifting veterans have anything to add to this list? Have a happy hunt! Sometimes uncovering a hidden antique store, flea market, or thrift store is just as pleasurable as the dusty trinkets they hold within.


  1. #10 is my favorite. That's how I find the best sales and thrift stores. It certainly isn't the glow from the chain thrift store sign. Great list of tips.

  2. #6= great tip! I did a search and found a shop less than 10 min from me that I didn't even know exsisted.

  3. salvation army is a major thrifting place in this crazy island #10 and #2 are my faves and usuall they pay off really good!!

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