Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Stroll Through the Thrift Store

I encounter a lot of temptation at thrift stores but never know if what I see is worth the cost (in money AND clutter) of bringing it home. Here's a few of the thrift temptations and curiosities I encountered this weekend at the "hidden" Seaside Thrift Store.

A sunny faux sunflower and home made sun flower vignette I arranged while rummaging. I hope they don't mind...

Vintage-style linoleum tile that looked like they were from the 70s-80s, I love the pattern and color and they were cheap, but I resisted.

Wooden salad set. Not a bad price at $7.00 but absolutely unnecessary. I contemplated the joy of bowls that won't shatter when I wash them (I break 1.5 things per week it seems) but ignored these.

A nice picnic set that made me long for a picnic in the sun. I've always wanted one of these but I always resist. The lack of space in the closets gives me the willpower to resist.

 Groovy coat! I tried it on but it was too heavy and large for me to wear.

 I ponder if this is truly from 1943? Nice mirror.

 The scale and slide projector were tempting, but when have I ever used either of these contraptions. All wishful thinking.

 A beautiful record stand. I don't have space for such a thing and don't even need it (My record player has a space for holding records) but I would have bought it if it was around $7-$10 and not $54!

I loved the texture and pattern of this seemingly retro style screen. I contemplated painting it and using it as a headboard but I proudly resisted. I have enough projects in the house as it is.

It's important for me to bring a camera when I thrift. There's no regret when I don't bring home a tempting or intriguing item because I still have the memory and inspiration it brings in a photograph- and ess clutter!


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