Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Antique Store Window Shopping

On Memorial Day I went on a bike ride and stopped at nearby antique stores for some window shopping. I exercised a lot of willpower and didn't come home with more clutter, but I did leave with a lot of inspiration.
The owl lamp to end all owl lamps. Steeply priced at $38 but full of charm, the stump is a round bowl that holds items. Maybe one day we'll find this at our local thrift stores..

I loved this tiny fish bud vase. Not too badly priced at $3 but I'm not allowed to bring home anymore dust collectors. Nope...

This corner of Fan's and Stoves Antique Shop in 5 Points was expertly staged. nice colors, vintage sheets, and the chandelier was a nice touch. I spent a while just admiring the good design.
The vintage board games were neatly displayed and wrapped in colorful yarn, nice touch. It inspires me to organize my closets...

I don't know if this kitty was hand crafted or not but I loved it, especially with the crescent moon charm on the collar. It's about 2.5 feet tall with a mysterious hole in the head- huge candy dish? Potted plant holder?

One of many cozy vignettes in Fan and Stoves antiques. I loved the vintage TV stand with storage underneath but didn't want to pay $24 for it.

The final temptation was the fun vintage owl sheet. I could actually use more sheets and this was too badly priced at $8, but I resisted.

So Why Window Shop? All I did was blink and suddenly it's June 1, 2010. We're halfway to 2011! Looking back on my thrifty news years resolutions and other goals set it looks like I have to get back on the wagon.

My #1 Goal was to get completely organized. I work on it every day but I never quite where I want to. I have to start by bringing home less thrifted fun. Even if it's cheap, even if I want it...no more thrifted things that aren't on my "needed" list until my house is clean. We'll see how long this lasts....


  1. It would have been impossible for me to pass up the vintage owl sheets. Those are the best!

  2. I'm still thinking about going back for them...

  3. I think you should! Where is this place? If you don't maybe I will. ;)


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