Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Admiring Thrift Store Patterns

For the past year or so I've been irresistibly drawn to items with intriguing patterns, textures, and color combinations. If I took every beautiful piece home I'd be bogged down with junk (and broke) so I continue to take pictures of my muses without bringing them home. (Ultimate frugality, just take a picture and save your money!) Here's what I saw this weekend:

This vintage mod pattern sunny and bright . I love the clean graphic design of the toy tin behind it as well.

 I always struggle to resist collecting more patterned tins. I'll certainly buy more when there's a price I can't refuse...

Japanese patterns are my favorite. My artist brain will implode when I finally visit the motherland of these clean graphic prints.

The black background with red and yellow details recalls Greek and Roman plates and urns I remember seeing in Italy. It's a pleasing combination of color and pattern.

I couldn't stop admiring this glass, the simple pattern with the powder blue and the gold is whimsical. The gradient near the top is a nice touch.

I think this last little piece of art is perfection. I'd never encountered this poem but as a horror fan it's perfect for me. Who doesn't love the word Beasties? Every line of this poem pleases, and I'm further enchanted by the Medieval design and ghost drawing. The only reason this isn't hanging on my wall now is the price, $18!

I might have to go back for it, frame and mat it properly, and hang it in my bedroom. Hopefully this brilliant pattern and poem will keep the night time Beasties away...

* * *

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  1. I know what you mean about being drawn in. I'm that way with chintz. I just can't resist it.

  2. Hello Van! Welcome,welcome as the newest Follower to my blog, Writing Straight From the Heart. I'm so happy you chose to follow. Come to visit often! Love your blog, too! Susan

  3. I'm irresistibly drawn to most cool thrifty vintage things, a disease, I tell ya!

  4. Susan, thanks for the comment back. I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  5. Hi Van,
    It's smart of you to just take pictures of the things you fall in love with. I have so much stuff, stuffed everywhere, it's getting ridiculous. I need to sort through everything - a big summer project for sure. I think you should go back for the print, though. It belongs with you!
    Thanks for following, I appreciate the support and hope you'll stop by often!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  6. Heidi- I feel ya there, sister. My huge summer de-clutter progress is what's keeping me from bringing tons of excess stuff home. But it's so hard to resist, so hard! I shall continue to stop by your blog for inspiration!

  7. Love your finds and the idea of taking pics instead of buying. I actually have some of the tins you've pictured! I see way more cool stuff than I can ever fit into my house and I am also drawn to unique graphics. So much wonderfulness in the world to see!

  8. This is just amazing!! You did such a fantastic job of dressing up this space. It all pulled together beautifully.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a nicey :)

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  9. $18 for the Scottish prayer?? That is nuts. I would love it too, could hang it on the shelf above my endless amount of paranormal and ghost story books. But that is too much money. I wonder if one could find this just as a little print?

  10. Jennifer- I agree, I love the print but I couldn't drop $18 for it. I've been looking for a print like it but couldn't find one. Maybe I'll make something like it and offer it on this blog or something. Sheesh! A friend even offered to make me one as a late housewarming gift.

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