Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday: Art Books and Records

I made a rare Tuesday stop at a Thrift Store on the way back from buying some paintbrushes. (Couldn't find them, the place is messy while I'm decluttering). I'm pretty happy with what $6.90 got me.
Ranging from .50 cents (small books) to $1.00 (large books) My new art books are full of inspirational photographs, collages, and paintings. Each one could warrant a post of its own, they include:   

Parlor Games: Traditional Indoor Games to Amuse and Delight Descriptions and illustrations of vintage games, Malinche A novel by Laura Esquivel, The Tattooed Map a gorgeously illustrated journey, The Museum at Purgatory pictures of Museum curiosities, and The Annotated Ultimate Alphabet.

 The Annotated Ultimate Alphabet by Mike Wilks is filled to the brim with gorgeous illustrations. It's the result of four years of nonstop intense labor and it's brilliant. Certainly worth the $1.00 I paid for it and more!

Each painting and illustration in the book is gorgeous, but I thought I'd share this beautiful Wunderkammer style  room. This is the kind of creative chaos artsy thrifters crave.

I couldn't resist these fun records, I can't wait to try out the "Sing Along With Mitch" Record. They're all in pretty good shape and cost .49 cents each.

To avoid being a hypocrite after writing yesterday's blog post on decluttering I did remove a few books from the bookshelves and sorted them into donate and resell boxes...

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  1. Ah, I so love to thrift. My daughter, nearly 18, has a book collection nearing 1,000 pieces and the majority were purchased at thrift stores and tag sales.

  2. Your pic drew me in and I love your post! I also thrive on creative chaos and your reference to Wunderkammer, i.e., cabinets of curiosities pretty much hooked me. I am a book fiend and would insulate my walls with shelves full of books if I could. So decluttering is a real act of will. I guess I will just have to become a follower!

  3. It's so funny you just talked about decluttering and then brought a bunch more in your home! :) That's how it goes, though. Good for you for getting rid of some things, then.

    You found some very fun and interesting things.

  4. Jodi- 1,000! That's enough for your own library. I might have a 300 or so and have to organize mine like a libary- 1,000 IS your own library. Impressive!

    Ann- I LOVE your art, we should make our own Cabinets of Curiosities. They'll hold our clutter and inspire with delicious art and biology bits. A room insulated with books is the ultimate cozy space.

    Miss Mustard Seed- I'm relatively organized but clutter is a bad habit...I just added your link to the side bar on the left with a special button so other readers can be inspired by your workshop series. :)

  5. oh i really like detailed illustrations like those in the annotated ultimate alphabet book. neat find!
    (followed you here from apron thrift girl :))

  6. yay! good finds, and glad to hear you are getting rid of some (as you bring more in) hahahah

  7. Looks like some great finds - thanks for linking this post up as well!


  8. Isn't that why we have room for more great finds. Sounds good to me!

  9. Just found you through Welcome Wednesday. I absolutely LOVE thrifting!!! Following along ... :)


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