Monday, June 28, 2010

Yard Sale Haul, Make Your Own Stones, Books & More

This weekend I continued my seemingly eternal organization and purging. Yet again I donated a box of stuff then came home with another after stopping by a yard sale. I paid $16 for:

 - Three retro interior design books

- A giant pack of scrapbook paper. You can kill someone if you drop it on their head, it's like a phone book of colorful patterns. I use this paper for random crafts and art pieces.

- Three Word Stones kits, 2 bucks each. I've always wanted one of these...

- A big stack of Jacksonville magazine for .25 cents and some other miscellaneous interior design magazines

- The homeowner asked if I was Hispanic. When I said yes she gave a stack of "Hispanic" magazine and a stack of "Hispanic Trend" for free

I'm physically and mentally exhausted from my home purge, so it's ironic that I bought home more thrifted goods.  Ah, the painful cycle continues...

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog via Apron Thrift Girl. Do you reside in St Augustine? I live in Fleming Island and we hop over to St. Augustine quite often. I too am a major thrift lover and have a long-history of finding many wonderful things from thrift and garage sales.

  2. Hello! I live in Jacksonville, Florida. St. Augustine is a beautiful weekend getaway, I'm in love with that beautiful "vintage" city, it's full of treasures. I hear Flemming Island is very beautiful, too.

  3. That cycle will never end. I just did the same thing...I used up a bunch of fabric and cleared out some space and the VERY next day went to a yard sale and bought more fabric.

    But really, how could you turn down those scores? Were you really going to leave a phone book sized pack of flirty, colorful paper just sitting there? Enjoy it!

  4. Hi,
    Very nice blog. I found you from The Elegant Thrifter. I read your writing portfolio. You sure are ambitious!
    Au Revoir,

  5. Awesome retro decorating books! I laughed at your purge and then buy more...I do that all the time! Thanks for linking up to my party..I love to see what fun finds you get.

  6. Those word stone kits were a great find, I like those too. Purge and buy more, I am so guilty of that! Except lately it has become: purge, hide from husband, repeat.

  7. great finds! I have purged and have recently started filling up again. But I hope to have a yard sale, even though I love most of the stuff in my house now compared to before.

  8. Hey! Thank you so much for the suggestions for my bathroom redo! I would love to paint, but can't...however, I am totally going to look into decals for the mirrors!

  9. Great finds! We share a love of thrifting/garage sale-ing!

    I am a visitor from Welcome Wednesday and your newest follower - come check out my blogs if you have a chance! and


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