Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yo Ho A Sketchy Life for Me

This month's local Dr. Sketchy's art event had a pirate theme. It was hosted at my friend Emily's bar, Underbelly (where these awesome crafts were made). As always, the set design and costumes were impecable and I left feeling inspired.
 Aaron (A.K.A Miss Titties or Tremendous Tits) kicked off the show by singing us a velvety, sultry sea shanty to get us in the mood for sexy pirate fun.

 The Pirate's Booty- what a treasure. The beautiful set is decorated with flea market and thrift store finds and other items owned by the collective Dr. Sketchy's crew. See- thrift enough and you can make your home a sexy pirate lounge. Pretty tempting...

Ready for battle! Loving the ambient lighting, from the candles to the string lights.

Who's ready for some thrifty pirate crafts and art projects? A piratey event is the perfect way to kick off summer.

Past Dr. Sketchy's Events: Chasing the Rainbow Muse with Dr. Skethcy's and Dr. Sketchy's Thrift Porn Inspiration

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  1. I hate that I keep missing these.

  2. Sounds like a fun time and a fun place.

  3. I always have a blast at Dr. Sketchy's!

  4. oh i just had to say hello-ive been collecting since i was 11 years old..i love your blogworld..singing and

  5. oldflowers4me - thank you, I love your thrifty blog, too!


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