Friday, June 18, 2010

More Antique Store Adventures

 Whimsicle Fish and mermaid teacups. So...tempting...

I'm taking part in a massive puging and following my thrifter's decluttering rules to create a stress-free organized home. It'll be hard, but I'm going to limit my thrifting to yard sales with cheap things this weekend.

To resist thrifting and bringing in more clutter I'll just look at these beautiful pictures and objects. Hopefully it will provide enough of a thrift-fix.

A cute vignette, and look, it even has a "V" for Van.

Beautiful painting of Venice. This looks a lot like a painting my parent's commissioned of Naples, Italy when we lived in Italy. I love the reflections in the water.

Vintage Americana Shabby Chic (or whatever your would call this) isn't my style at all, but this vintage shadow box is still an interesting little piece.

The bold colors and graphic design this vintage label is more my style. I love the beautiful lemons in the bottom right, obscured by the price tag.

 Globes make any corner fun. I have no use for a globe but if I found one for free or extremely cheap I might not be able to resist. They're fun to spin, anyway...

Interesting ceramic food canisters! They could stand alone as works of art but they're actually useful items, too.

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What are your thrifty weekend plans? I plan to fill my little Suzuki up with things to sell back to the book store and boxes of Goodwill donations, which will be donated back to the thrift gods (So they will have mercy on my soul and bring me even more treasures). I can't wait to have a clutter free home again!


  1. Oops- did I not follow the rules somewhere? I tend to rush through these things...

  2. I love those teacups--not many mermaid items around here.

  3. I love thrift find the neastest things in them! We bought a cast iron bacon press with the image of a pig on the bottom...we use it to make paninis!

    Just stopping by through the friday follow to check out your blog. Come follow back if you get the chance. Ive got some great ecofriendly giveaways, freebies, and coupons to check out!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. This is bad, you guys are making me want to go back for the teacups I know I don't need! I can't recall seeing another mermaid teacup before...

  5. Following from Social Parade! I love thrift stores- and your blog. I go to thrift stores all the time to create new necklaces. I buy "thrifted" jewelry and work with it. I'd love it if you followed me back and check out my blog.

  6. Just dropped over from Flaunt it Friday on Chic on a Shoestring Decorating (whoa, that's a mouthful!) and love your pics of thrift store finds. Love what you showed plus the little peaks of other things in the background. I have things to do today or I would totally be out hitting the antique/thrift/yard sales today, your blog will have to fill in!

  7. Visiting from FFF and following you on GFC as Thrifty Canucks
    Visit and follow me, please, if you can -

    I think this weekend would be a great weekend for yard sales

  8. thrift stores are awesome! I ma here from Friday follow. Have a good day

  9. Here from FMF! Love the globe (and I love thrifting - my mom has made it her livelihood, selling vintage clothes on Ebay!)

  10. Great finds! I love it all. I love antiques and you have great taste!
    Come follow me back.

  11. I'm a new follower of friendly Friday follow, please follow me back.
    thanks, Mr Monkey

  12. Great finds..especially the fish teacup! ...Debbie

  13. Found your blog via Friendly Friday Follow, and I love what you're doing! Great blog!

  14. I love those teacups. Makes me want to go do some antique shopping!

  15. I am an antique buff myself.....I love those teacups. too cute. I would love for you to come and join my party....perfect post for it, and I would love to have ya!!~ Great way to meet some new like minded blogging friends too.


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