Thursday, June 9, 2011

Antique Store Wisdom: 10 Actions to Improve Booth Sales, NOW!

I mentioned on Twitter that Becke's detailed interview from last week was so good even I was taking notes on it! I've divided her steps into 10 Actions Steps to Use on Your Booth to Improve Sales NOW! So write your checklist and get to work! I did most of these steps yetserday. I'll follow-up and let you know if these tips made a difference!

10 Steps for Increasing Your Antique Store Booth Sales:

1. Make an enticing and creative sign for your booth. (Still working on mine!)

2. Take advantage of lighting, plug in lights you  have for sale if possible

3. Rotate your merchandise as much as possible. Move the item up one shelf or pair it with similar objects. (You'd be surprised at how this simple step increases sales!) 

4. Add stock as frequently as possible. (1-3 times per week) 

5. Take away items that have been sitting for a while and not selling.

6. Don't price too high! Be reasonable with markup and focus on high turnover on many lower priced  items rather than low turnover on a few higher price items ("Walmart Strategy", evil, but it works)

7. Clean your items so they show well.

8. Make nice price tags. You can't deny the allure of my owl and boat tags!

9. Place items you haven't sold for months on clearance and see if they move from here.

10. For the items you removed from the booth that just won't sell: either donate them, or store them and reintroduce them to the shop a few months down the road when they're "fresh" again.

  I've added leftover prints from a past art show. Sold one yesterday! (Someone has a naughty picture in their house now!)

What are you doing to increase sales for your antique store booth during the summer sales slump? It's time to get creative and get our sales numbers up!

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  1. Looking good! Fingers crossed that sales pick up. If these tips don't work for us, I'm afraid nothing will! I should also add that I notice practical vintage items seem to be selling the best right now. People seem to be able to justify an impulse purchase more when they know it can be used - or, lamps, blankets, etc so try and find items that can be of use rather than just knick knacks. I'm trying to decrease my small, useless items for now to see what happens. :)

  2. Thanks for the additional tips! I took out everything that didn't sell and put in new items, not the booth feels bland and conventional. Going to add some funky bits back to it and make a fun sign, too.

    I'll keep that in mind while hunting, I'll hunt for useful bits people can use and justify.

  3. I love your owl and boat tags! I think the charity shops near me should take a bit of your advise, so bored of seeing the same over priced items! Scarlett x

  4. Scarlett: Indeed! You have to approach your antique store booth like any other retail store and switch up stock often!

  5. I restocked today and saw that I have not had sales in the last two days. I agree that vintage clothing and accessories are popular. I live in a college town and the students are the biggest consumers. I will definitely use the checklist to see if I can improve sales!

  6. Diana: I hope the list works for you! I've only had 2 sales this month, too. Don't feel bad, sales slump in the retail world during summer months.

  7. I have been posting on Craigslist and my sales have picked up! Adding photos helps a lot too (a la etsy-style!)

    -pamela :)

  8. Merchandising, curating and the forever tricky pricing --- I'm on a learning curve for all ten tips as my shop turns 6 weeks old. My best takeaway so far: customers notice and appreciate all the changes you make. Creating the experience of delight and discovery is well worth your time. If they don't buy the first time, they'll be back, and you'll have a second chance to convert them from browser to buyer.

  9. Pamela: I remember you sharing your Craigslist posts last time. I'm going to try it this weekend and share the results! :) Thank you for sharing!

  10. Diana: I can't to pick your brain for retail tips! I'll think of your takeaway as I curate my booth experience this weekend.

    My booth is full of kitsch and whimsy, it makes people laugh, and they come back to see what new silly surprises I'll add. I'm told a lot of my customers are repeats.

  11. i have a question about your cute price tags! does your antique mall leave the price tag on the item or take it off once the item is purchased? when i first started, i put my URL on every tag but then i realized that the mall was keeping the tags... i would like to do cuter tags but don't really feel like going to the trouble if the customer will only have the tag in their hand for like .5 seconds as they walk up to the register. am i being lazy? should i go all out on price tags??

  12. Thanks for your helpful hints. I have made some things to sale in my booth and it has helped my revenue. I loved reading your tips. Plan on using some of those great techniques.

  13. Great hints, I perfer to have my price on both sides of the tag, making Price seen on items in the showcase. You also need to know the trends and check websites that show what items are really selling for and not the Asking for price. Watch the magazines to see what they are show casing as people will be looking for those items also to decorate their house. I have to agree with customers wanting more functional items.

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