Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Home Office: Welcome to Thrift Core Headquarters

[ My desktop wallpaper is by Desert Friends. I love the beach at night, the painting captures its magic! ]

Welcome back to my office!
I'm proud to show it off lately because I spent time this month clearing out clutter and rearranging thrifted vignettes and local art collection. Freshening things up has made this a pleasant place to write blog posts, edit pictures, draw, and craft.

Since it's actually a dining room/office combo, it's the most-used room in my house, the spot where friends gather to listen to music and watch silly YouTube videos. I'm glad it's clean now and friends don't have to walk around boxes! Now I just need to stay in the habit of keeping my fridge stocked with ice cold mint tea and beers for them!

Friends and I made faux laminate checkerboard affect on the table together one night while watching cheesy 80s movies! (Tutorial here.) Speaking of all things cheesy and fun, I challenged fellow kitsch-lover Jackie of Let's Go Thrifting to show off her office, here's her reply post. Thank you for showing us corners of your office, Jackie!

This is a close up on the art hanging from wooden hangers that you can see in my previous office tour. (By Old Skool Junk) I love that Beetlejuice toy and appreciate the color palate, see how well it matches the vintage prints below! I bought the dinosaur painting below from the Riverside Arts Market, it's by Michael Regina, you can see the other amazing pieces from his imagination series in The Adventure Shop.

I want to be pedantic and organize this space to perfection. I envision art supplies neatly shelved, the books sorted by genre, and the bits shamefully stashed in my mod hutch categorized... but you have to take it one step at a time. Trying to do it all is what got me in over my head in the first place.  

Confession: I took the "Perfection is the enemy of the done" saying to heart to get my home back in order. I stashed bits I couldn't find a spot for in a box. That box is hiding in bedroom for me organize later. I'll keep dreaming of that day where I don't have boxes hidden away somewhere!
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  1. Ohhhhh more fun things! Thanks for the mention, Van. I think my next virtual tour will have a horror theme.

    And don't worry. My "organization" sometimes only makes sense to me. Like my CDs for example...they're sorted by genre/most enjoyed/mood the album evokes. Not alphabetical, mind you. Makes sense to me, lol!

    <3Jackie @Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Jackie: Yay! I'd love to see your horror collection. I'm always trying to grow mine. I can never resist cheap horror movies at yard sales and thrift stores, the goods ones or the ones that are so bad they're good!

  3. love the sailor's prayer! you have such a great space - the advantage of not having to share it with anyone. my home office is shared with my sweetheart who loves to pile paper everywhere. grrrr....

  4. I love that sailor's prayer too. That saying, "Perfection is the enemy of the done", has become almost a mantra. :) Now off to go find my office under inventory, bills, etc. :)

  5. Oh, I absolutely adore the colourful suitcase. What a find!Very 70's and very tropical (like I imagine Florida)

  6. Angelika: You want an office without piles of paper, and I want one with..a door. My next apartment needs to have one room I can turn into an office and studio. Can't wait!

    Monica: Especially with cleaning, that is my motto!

  7. Mali: Next week I'll be writing a thrifting in Florida post. :) Overwhelming thrift options down here.

  8. oh, so nice to see my desktop design on someone else's computer, and such a stylish surrounding! thanks, C.

  9. Van - LOVE your office area...after cleaning with hubby's leaf blower (just kidding!), my office space looks clean for a few days. :)


  10. Christiane: I love your work, thank you for commenting. And...now I feel bad for not crediting you by name and spelling "DesertFriends" with a space ;) Like a jerk.


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